Andrew cuomo joins simcha felder in pushing to include “discrimination” against lgbt in the constitution

January 3, 2020 Albany, NY Governor Cuomo Unveils 20th Proposal of 2020 State of the State: Passing the First-in-the-Nation Inclusive Equal Rights Amendment 2020 State of the State Equal Opportunity TOP Governor Cuomo Unveils 20th Proposal of 2020… Share Key Component of the Governor’s 2020 Women’s Agenda Would Establish Sex, Ethnicity, National Origin, Age, Disability, Sexual […]

Attorney General Fighting Political Corruption

Crack Down on New Jersey’s ‘Legal Corruption’ too Relative to New Jersey’s past, public corruption arrests in recent years have been far and few between. But corrupt politicians were back in the spotlight again this week with the arrest of five current and former public officials from Morris and Hudson counties on bribery charges. State Attorney General […]

BMG: Lies, Lies, Lies

VIDEO: BMG looks to build ‘Education research facility’ with 90 apartments A proposal was put forward by BMG to build 2 apartment buildings with 45 units each with 2-4 bedrooms for students and a research facility on the first floor. The parcel they would like to develop is near the entrance to the GSP on […]

Anti-semitism in Ocean County – Are the LKWD Politicians Responsible ???

The ‘Jew Coup’: We Dare Not Be Silent     In a deeply offensive video clip that’s been making the rounds on social media, a Florida pastor named Rick Wiles labels the Democrat drive to remove President Trump from office a “Jew coup.” He didn’t choose that name merely because it rhymes. He fleshed out […]

Submitted: A Letter To Prosecuter Coronato

A Letter To Prosecuter Coronato – Sent Last Year   Dear Mr. Coronato, It has been reported in the APP that your office is struggling to prosecute the Lakewood individuals who were arrested a year ago. It is interesting that you do not go after criminals who are rich and powerful and have serious criminal […]

Republican Party of Ocean County Rewarding Former Prosecutor J. Coronato For His Past Deeds

וְהִיא שֶׁעָמְדָה לַאֲבוֹתֵינוּ וְלָנוּ שֶׁלֹּא אֶחָד בִּלְבָד עָמַד עָלֵינוּ לְכַלּוֹתֵנוּ אֶלָּא שֶׁבְּכָל דּוֹר וָדוֹר עוֹמְדִים עָלֵינוּ לְכַלּוֹתֵנוּ וְהַקָּדוֹשׁ בָּרוּךְ הוּא מַצִּילֵנוּ מִיָּדָם This is how it works: you serve your maters at the party and you get rewarded. Just one example is the current Mayor of Toms River. He was the County Prosecutor for 5 […]

That’s how it works in Britain where adultery is not tolerated. In Lakewood עיר התורה you can do much worse and stay comfortably in your position

United Synagogue President Michael Goldstein has defended how it handled the sudden departure of Dayan Yonason Abraham last month from the London Beth Din and rejected calls to provide more details. Dayan Abraham left his post at the Court of the Chief Rabbi and his synagogue in Hendon after evidence emerged of what was considered an […]

Judge Thompson Bringing Justice To George Gillmore

On Friday, Judge Anne E. Thompson issued some bad news for Gilmore, who’s almost certainly the most powerful Republican boss in the state. She sided with prosecutors and decided that Gilmore won’t be allowed to call his psychiatrist, Steven Simring, to link his alleged hoarding disorder to alleged evasion of around $1.5 million in taxes, […]

Lakewood Lost $16,000,000.00 Due To BOE’s Disregard For Special Children

A letter from BOE Member Mr. Zlatkin: ‘Lakewood Lost $16,000,000.00 Due to BOE’s Disregard For Special Children’ [pdf-embedder url=””]       Word is, it was a deal between Trenton & Aaron Kotler. Six years ago BMG was seeking a grant from the state. BMG planned to use the money  to  renovate an existing building […]

Menashe Miller Conjures An Ordinance For Himself

Back in 2013, Menashe Miller divides his land into a few lots and now faces a problem. At least one of the parcels are adjacent  to a private road, and the township does not pick up garbage from homes that are on private roads. So Mr. Miller changes the rules to benefit himself. Menashe changes […]

Excerpts From Lawsuit Reveal – Flow White Milk Saga

A lawsuit has been filed in the Superior Court of NJ – reveals how  former Lakewood Mayor Menashe Miller tried to defraud the town. Also reveals who is the real owner of Flow White Milk. The quotes below are from the documents submitted to the court.   Charles ‘Chatz’  Schwab  hides his ownership interest in […]

Prof. Allen Dershowitz: We Need More Jewish Power, Not Less

When I hear that Jews are too powerful, my response is, we are not powerful enough. When I hear that AIPAC is too influential a lobby, I say it must become even more influential. When I hear that Jews contribute too much money to support pro-Israel causes, I say we must contribute more. When I […]

London Beit Din Dayan Resigns, Cites Falling Short of Standards

Rabbi Yonason Abraham, last week resigned his position as a prominent member of the London Beth Din as well as his post as the rabbi of Toras Chaim synagogue in Hendon, north west London, amidst allegations of an inappropriate relationship.   In his resignation letter he said that he had “fallen short of the standards […]

Submitted: Dear Seniors of SAG

Dear Seniors of SAG,   Much has been said about your struggle against the developers of the Eagle Ridge golf course. You have spent a lot of money on legal fees and the end is nowhere in sight. The judge ruled against you 3 times in the last 2 months. In court, the township attorneys […]

Some of Saul Mizrachi’s Properties

name  mailing address address NINE HOLDINGS LLC 212 2ND ST STE 302 Seagull Sq. Mall 886 RIVER LLC & 1209 RIVER LLC 212 2ND ST STE 302 Chestnut Plaza TJ REALTY ENTERPRISE LLC 886 RIVER AVENUE 886 RIVER AVENUE VANDERNOOT, WILLIAM H & DIANE S 1209 river 1209 river chateau Land LLC 212 2ND ST […]

Too Many Conflicts of Interest on Eagle Ridge

Several members of the Lakewood Township Planning Board have conflicts of interest that prevent them from voting to approve the  project, according to board attorney John Jackson. Between those members with conflicts and two others who were unable to attend a Tuesday night meeting, the board did not have a quorum to vote on the […]

The Pit Is Empty (Chapter 3-4)

The Pit is Empty Chapter Three “No, no, noooo!!!” Mrs. Resch, Dina’s mother, was in shock, yodeling uncontrollably into the telephone. After Dina had left School Counselor Draught’s office, Mrs. Draught had pulled herself together and then immediately called Mrs. Resch. “Now, Larissa, there are ways to treat it,” Mrs. Draught reassured her best friend. […]

Ralph Zucker

In brief: BMG gave the land to Joel Weiner who gave it to Aaron Kotler’s old buddy to develop – Developer Ralph Zucker. Now that it did not go directly to Zucker, Aaron cannot be accused for using the Township’s assets  to help his buddy.  A few more dollars… This is not the first time […]

Mayor T. Kelaher Harbors Lakewood Committeeman Menashe Miller’s

Lakewood Committeeman Menashe Miller does not like transparency in government. He will avoid transparency like the plague. On the first of January, 2019 Mr. Miller was subpoenaed by the parties to a defamation lawsuit so to clarify  the involvement of  the Township of Lakewood in various business deals. Mr. Miller is not part of this […]

Leftist Radicals Are Coming For Catholics First, Then Us Jews

CALIFORNIA, February 19, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Pro-life conservative and orthodox Jew Ben Shapiro told a group of Catholic business leaders that lefist media and progressive politicians’ assaults on religious people have been “first and foremost” on Catholics. At the Jan. 24-26 Legatus conference of Catholic business executives, which took place in Dana Point, CA, Shapiro […]

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

So why is Aaron Kotler selling it to Joel Weiner?? What does he have in common with the man? Who is this Joel Weiner? A simple search on Wikipedia will give you all the answers ‘As of 2006, Wiener had been personally sued 84 times. His company has been the “subject of criminal investigations by the […]

For All Who Question, Why To Resist? It Won’t Help Anyway

Aaron Is Afraid Aaron Kotler is getting not comfortable with the current political atmosphere. The public is more aware then ever and the authorities are having a close look….. so he decided instead of developing the rest of the Cedar Bridge Land, he will sell it off. Aaron knows that once it was sold it […]

Miller Mania (Part 7)

In his May 2017 deposition, Menashe Miller (at page 40) readily admits that Twp assessments of Twp owned land are historically and traditionally (another way of saying always) undervalued, and nobody actually considers those to be the real value of the land. (He illustrates this by referring to the Garzo-lawsuit related properties where although they […]

The Pit Is Empty (part 2)

The Pit is Empty Chapter Two Growing up, Dina would escape the tension in the apartment where her family lived by going over to Malka’s house. On Sundays, when school let out early, the “twins” would sneak down to the laundry room, and squeeze into the space under the stairs. There, through a crack in […]

Only in Chelm – Board of Education State Monitor

The Lakewood Scoop is reporting that Inzelbach led BOE will save $8,000,000 due to his leadership. They don’t say it outright here, but in previous articles indicated that he fought for this. They also justify his salary because of all the savings he is doing. Only in Chelm / Lakewood, when they do something stupid […]

Senator Singer: A cold Blooded Murderer

Killing Adults This past Thursday in Trenton The “Aid in Dying” bill cleared the state Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee in a 6-3 vote following 90 minutes of often tearful, pleading testimony from people who spoke for and against it. New Jersey doctors would be legally permitted to write prescriptions to enable terminally […]

Send in Your Information

We have setup an email protected by strong encryption. All  emails sent to us are secured with zero-access encryption. Feel free to email us any relevant information you have. Articles and op-eds are welcome. We believe that online security and privacy are not just features, but fundamental human rights, and we are committed to […]

Which Ice Cream Brand Is Big Gay And Defiantly Kosher??

OU gives a Hechsher to a gay ice cream   Gay supporters have a lot to celebrate ,specifically in the form of a pint of Big Gay Ice Cream which just  received kosher certification from the Orthodox Union. It comes in 6 different flavors and is sold nation wide. Read more:   Think twice before you  […]

Lakewood Mafia Exposed (Part 4)

In has been reported that Hector Fuentes, the new planning board member, was seen visiting Shaul Mizrachi‘s office. Use your imagination as to what the conversation was about.  Maybe small talk about global warming and climate change…     Since this information went public, Shaul has been going bananas and demanding that all refrain from […]

Novel: The Pit Is Empty (Chapter 1)

Chapter 01 The Pit is Empty Chapter One The wedding was going full blast. Dina and Malka took a break from the dancing. “It’s so exciting! Chava’s wedding. She’s only two years older than us. She just got back from seminary six weeks ago. And now she’s married!” Malka gushed. She looked around, then poured […]

Twp. Attorneys Jackson & Hansel Fight The Twp.

10 days after the seniors sued the Lakewood Township for the Masterplan, the builders (Mizrachi & Lichteinstein) go ahead and sue the township. They demand all restrictions to the new masterplan be removed.  These restrictions have been approved by the Planning board, the township committee and were demanded by the people. The  judge takes both […]

Shady Shady Schwab….. Part 6

My taxes keep going up every year. But somehow, someone who has friends in certain places can have their property taxes reduced by as much as 60%!!! The taxes on Charles Chatz Schwab’s property went down from $8400 to to $3300 just like that. VERY INTERESTING!!   [pdf-embedder url=””]

Lakewood Mafia Exposed (Part 3)

מאיר ליכטענשטיין מאכט חוזק פונעם בעלזער דיין הרה’ג פנחס וינד שליט’א Satmar ( zaly)  came to the Planning Board requesting to build a Shul with a full simcha hall  on  West Kennedy Blvd   without any parking. The planning board members all objected to this rightfully so, including Rabbi Chaim Sabel who is a member […]

Shaul Mizrahi & Meyer Lichteinstein Go Incognito

In continuation of: Shocking Collusion !!! In a nut shell: 10 days after the seniors sued the Lakewood Township for the Masterplan, the builders (Mizrachi & Lichteinstein) go ahead and sue the township. They demand all restrictions to the new masterplan be removed so they may go ahead and build on the former Eagle Ridge […]

The Feds are getting closer to Lakewood

The FBI just indicted the  powerful union boss of the city of Philadelphia who has held a tight grip on construction jobs and politics in the Philadelphia region and beyond. He  has been indicted in an FBI probe along with a city councilman and at least six others.    

The latest Schwab “land management consultant” scheme

Charles Shcwab got a problem. By filing a lawsuit, he shot himself in the foot. For years he has been providing the township with ‘mapping services’ and now that he put it all out -the township cannot hire him without a bid and his contract expires next month.  So, the township goes ahead and tailors […]

Prelude To New Lakewood Novel ‘The Pit Is Empty’

The Pit is Empty Dina & Malka Open Letter We are Dina and Malka. We are two sixteen year olds who live in Lakewood. We are fictional characters. We only exist in the mind of our creators and in your mind. But you and our creators are real, so that makes us feel a little […]

Profile: Rabbi Shmuel M. Tendler

Rabbi Shmuel Tendler is the Rabbi of Cong. Sons of Israel. If you check out the website of the shul you will discover that is more about death, then prayer. The website is run by FuneralAlone and list hundreds of obituaries. The reason is simple – Tendler’s cash cow is the funeral business. Even on […]

The End of the Agudah who Love Gays

By Rabbi Dovid Eidensohn What is wrong with the old Agudah? Well, the Agudah of the Chofetz Chaim was fine of course. And Mike Tress was everybody’s tsadik. And Rabbi Sherrer worked closely with Reb Yaacov Kaminetsky. The problem is today. What is the problem today? It is a mitsvah to hate those who love […]

Adam Pfeffer & Sen. Singer (part 3)

On the same day that Eagle Ridge closed, Kokes and Mizrachi gave away the house that Senator Singer lives in- 1463 Massachusetts Ave for a very cheap price. It was given to the LLC that currently owns the house. The registered agent of the LLC is no other than Adam Pfeffer Esq. Both GDMS and […]

Working In The Dark

The Ocean County awarded a contract for safety improvements for the corner Ridge & New Hampshire Ave. New Hampshire Ave will receive properly paved right and left turning lanes. Ridge Ave will be widened westbound to accommodate a dedicated left turning lane, plus a straight lane, and the eastbound lane will be narrowed to one […]

Only in Chelm

Look at this picture. Does something look wrong? Really off? This putz is steering into the abyss. Dreaming away. It’s because Senator Singer is legally blind. Have you ever gone to the Republican Club’s meeting? Senator Singer will always ask you for your name – for the simple reason that he cannot see. And this […]

Lakewood Mafia Exposed: Part 3

  This blatant שנאת ישראל is a direct result of the shenanigans of the Board of Education, the developers and there partners. No more ישראל אשר בך אתפאר -now we are ALL a target, because the ones that represent us are the same individuals that are stealing and pillaging every dollar possible. האנשים האלה הם […]

Are we Better off Without Lakewood’s Industrial Commission?

The formation of a industrial commission has been a long standing practice for states,cities and towns across the nation. The general purpose in the structuring of a commission is to secure the interests of its governing body. Lakewood’s industrial commission is no different its creation was to solidify the growth in the industrial area. The […]

Schwab – The King of Chelm

Under the cover of darkness Schwab is doing all he can to snatch up as many properties as possible while he is shooting out a lawsuit to stop people from digging into his shady deals…….. In ordinance 2018-39  the township granted parcel 1264.1 to diamond triumph LLC which is owned by non-other than Charles Schwab. […]

Adam Pfeffer Esq. (part 2)

Adam Pfeffer is the attorney for all shenanigans in town. See our previous post: For a minimal fee you can go incognito. Senator Singer’s official residence is 1463 Massachusetts Ave. in Lakewood NJ. It is registered under 1463 Massachusetts Ave LLC ( . The mailing address is Adam’s office. Word is that the home […]

Dr. Rich Roberts: Is He Impartial?

FDA started approving drugs that have been around long before the FDA was established and now their prices are soaring. There are about 1,000 medications on the market that predate the existence of the Food and Drug Administration and therefore were never approved. FDA official Deborah Autor spoke to CBS News as head of the […]

Profile: Michael Inzelbuch Esq.

Being the Lakewood Township Board of Education Attorney has its perks (not just the $600,000 salary, benefits, expense compensation and litigation fee). We are all for enjoying the fruits of ones labor but…wow! In addition to multiple investment properties located in Lakewood, Mr. Inzelbuch and his family enjoy this palatial estate. 9,000 square feet, 16 […]

Lakewood Mafia Exposed: Part 2

Lakewood Police Brutality Isn’t our police force supposed to serve and protect us? To me it seems as though a lot of them have been taking advantage of their power and taking advantage of American citizens just to appease those in power. On New Year’s Day, as Miller and Lichtenstein were busy celebrating their reelection, […]

APP Needs To Kvetch

The APP is complaining: Why Board of Ed member, Moshe Newhouse stopped coming to Board’s meetings. Well, I’ll tell you why. The meetings and resolutions are dictated by Mr. Inzebluch Esq. The chairman does not open his mouth and the board members have no say whatsoever. They take orders from Inzebluch who takes orders from Kotler […]

Finally George Gillmore Is Going Jail

Finally, the king maker of Ocean County has been indicted. Many more to come…. (click here)     So is he going to start singing ….??? How long of a term will he serve? Will he resign from politics? Is this first of many  indictments to come against Gillmore? What’s with his old pal cranky […]

Miller Mania: Part 5

Here is another one. It’s 2015. Menashe Miller is not the Mayor – so why is he dictating the project? Why is the township attorney asking him? It gets even worse… because FWM was operating illegally at the time, as they hadn’t incorporated yet with the State of NJ, or ANY state for that matter. […]

So Why Are You Still Living With This Bum?!?!

In the USA, 65 percent of couples stay together after infidelity is discovered and for many reasons. For some it is battered woman syndrome. For some it is  weighing the benefits vs. the cost of dumping the bum. Here are some  of the reasons that are relevant for wives who are married to powerful political figures e.g. […]

Profile: Bruce Stern

Bruce was an attorney for Madison Title for many years and lately he opened his own practice in NYC. Bruce is on his second marriage. His first wife started a love affair with Mr. —– Lichtenstein from Lakewood NJ. They both worked at Oorah’s main office on Swarthmore Avenue. It started with casual meetings at […]

Shady, Shady Schwab…..

Below are all Schwab Lakewood properties. EVERY SINGLE ONE is attached to a Lakewood Township property….Very interesting that he doesn’t own anything that is not connected. 3 properties have the same wrong address – Kind of like his invoices. The cutest of them all is PINE FOREST MANOR C-2 is Block 1226, Lot 5 It is […]


After a full month of delaying tactics the township of Lakewood decided they cannot give over any emails from the Garzo; Schwab; Miller – scheme. They can however provide many excuses as to why they cannot provide the documents, attorney client privilege, to broad of a request, bla bla bla…..     WHAT DO YOU […]

Miller The Maniac: Part 4

July 16, 2011 Two downtown businesses were destroyed in a fiery blaze at 322 Fifth Street around 12 p.m., on July 16, 2011. It took about four hours to get the “stubborn fire” at the commercial structure under control, he said. About 60 firefighters responded to battle the blaze, after smoke and flames were seen […]

בשורה טובה לשוחרי ספר!!!!

ידוע בשער בת רבים מעלת הספר החשוב אמת קנה שנתחבר ע’י הרה’ג המפורסם הרב יחיאל מיכל פיינשטיין זצוקללה’ה ויבלח’ט הרה’ג ר’ יעקב שיף  תלמיד  מרן רשכבה’ג הגר’א קוטלר שליט’א – .וכבר אזל מן השוק. ולתועלת הרבים הבאנו פה לינק .וכעת שוקדים בני עליה יוצאי ישיבת בריסק המעטירה על הוצאה חדשה עם תמונות ובתרגום אנגלית   פרשת […]

הדרשן המפורסם ר’ יעקב יגן שליט’א

Kapo Kotler Mr Ahron Kotler is quiet clever when it comes to using  mafia tactics. He gives a call to one of his henchmen –  His brother, Kanarek, Coles, Little lichy, Miller, Hertzel, Flancbaum, Shenky and you name it – and asks if they can fix the situation…. He does not give exact details, but […]

A Multi Billionaire Doing עבירות!?!?!?

A multi billionaire  סאטמער חסיד from Williamsburg by the name of Luis Kestenbaum is suing a blogger for exposing his עבירות , many which do not align with the ten commandments….. http://•

Miller Mania: part 3

Gambling addiction—also known as—pathological gambling, compulsive gambling or gambling disorder—is an impulse-control disorder. If you’re a compulsive gambler, you can’t control the impulse to gamble, even when it has negative consequences for you or your loved ones. You’ll gamble whether you’re up or down, broke or flush, and you’ll keep gambling regardless of the consequences—even when […]

Lakewood Mafia Exposed

It took a bogus lawsuit by Charles ‘Chatz’ Schwab to finally expose the Lakewood mafia in action. Charles Schwab decided to launder the dirty laundry in public and now the dirt is coming out…… KUDOS to Shady Schwab! This bad bunch have been using mafia tactics to suppress the opposition, so they may continue to […]

Lichy, Miller & Schwab Vs. Klein, Sharaby, Hershkowitz, Schubert & Schmidt

A synopsis of the Schwab Vs. Lakewood Residents Lawsuit: Until a few years ago a few cronies enjoyed the pleasure of pillaging the tax payer undisturbed. Life was good for the cronies. Things started changing with when First Amendment Activist started videoing the township meetings, the Take Back Lakewood movement, people started speaking up, OPRA […]

Old Man Shenky & his Shenanigans: Part 1

Elections in a democracy should be transparent and fair. Every county has an election board that supervises the election so to insure it is run fair and square. The current Ocean County board members are: George R. Gilmore , Chairman Wyatt Earp , Secretary Commissioner Rabbi Israel Schenkolewski , Commissioner Matthew R. Sage, Commissioner The […]

מורנו הרב רבי ישראל קלמן קראהן זצוק”ל

הרב קראהן זצ”ל, נולד לאביו ר’ אברהם זעליג קראהן זצ”ל בלייקווד. היה מפורסם כגבאי צדקה, בעל מוסר, ותלמיד חכם גדול שהיה אחד מעמודי התווך של לייקווד החרדית. Rabbi Krohn was the only voice in Lakewood which opposed the secularization of our יידישע קינדער. The degradation of צניעות was painful to him. He couldn’t take the […]

עריות בהכשר הבד”ץ – Kosher Adultery

עריות בהכשר מרן רשכבה”ג ראש הישיבה דלייקווד Everyone knows of Mr. Lichteinstein’s extramarital affair, Including Rabbi Malkiel Kotler. Some of the more gullible in the Jewish world think that if כבוד מרן רה”י allows this to pass it must be ok; after all -he is the grandson of מרן רשכבה”ג ראש הישיבה דלייקווד זצוק”ל so it […]

‘Schady Schwab’ – caught with his pants down

So Charlie asks the township for: Block Lot Zoning Tax Map Page Owner Name Owner Address Property Location Building Description Land Description Width Length Land Assessment Building Assessment Total Assessment Acreage Zone Tax Amount Additional Qualifier Deed Book Deed Page Last Sale Date Last Sale Amount He needs it all so he can know of […]

Is Adam Pfeffer Esq. Forging Signatures?!?!?

Is Adam Pfeffer Esq. Forging Signatures?!?!? Adam Pfeffer appears to be using forged signatures to apply for a massive campus for Developer Dachs. One of the owners of the land, who lives in Illinois, allegedly signed an application allowing a yeshiva to build 300 units supposedly for married students when actually he plans on selling […]

Milller Mania (part 2)

From: Joyce Blay Sent: Friday, August 10, 2018 4:22 PM To: Subject: Request for Comment 8.10.18 Good afternoon, Mr. Deputy Mayor. Menashe, according to the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce website, you have served three terms as a member of the Lakewood Township Committee. Since you were first elected to the committee in 2003 and affirmed […]

Menashe Miller’s Mansion – Where is the money coming from?

Have you driven down Pine Street recently? have you noticed a nice big house right across the entrance to Forest Park? Well guess what – it’s the house of our beloved Menashe Miller. Ever wonder how Deputy Mayor Menashe Miller can afford such a house? Looking at his financial disclosure form raises some serious questions. Before […]

Rabbi Moshe Pruzansky – נבל ברשות התורה

Back in the day, Rabbi Moshe Pruzansky, the Rosh Yeshiva of Chemdas Hatora went on a rampage against Mr. Dachs. Mr. Dachs wanted to build duplexes adjacent to his yeshiva. In addition, Rabbi Mendlowitz planned on building an educational campus in the area. Rabbi pruzansky argued that this would strongly affect the shteigen of the […]

Miller Mania

Let’s play connect the dots………… Our saga starts back in 2003 with the purchase of the lot from Mr. John Brown, by Shaul Halpern. So here’s the deed and here is a copy of the tax map to show you what the lot look likes. Fast forward in time as Menashe sees everyone else getting […]

Novominsker Rebbe vs. Rosh Yeshiva of BMG

This Weekend at the Agudah Convention the Novominsker Rebbe took the floor to take a blow at the famous Rosh Yeshiva of BMG for publicly opposing the new Israeli mandatory draft law. The Novominsker Rebbe who is  great supporter  of the IDF couldn’t stay quiet. At his main speech to the convention he spoke like a true talmid of […]

The Undisputed פריץ of Lakewood

It all began when Mr Aron Kotler put his eyes on the vast empty land of 240 acres. Kotler opened a company in the name of Cedarbridge Development Project and had the township grant him the option to have it at no cost as long as he develops the land. You may ask how in […]

R’ Tuvyeh (Rosenberg) – The Rich Man

In the dark of the night on August 28th 2018 –  R’ Tuvyeh Rosenberg secretly took a minyan of chisidishe yungerleit to the  Kever of the Ribnitzer Rebbe in Monsey, NY. All were convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt of the efficacy of the Rebbe’s powers when they witnessed and experienced miracles in all […]

Profile: The Psychology Behind Shaul Mizrahi

Shaul ‘Saul’ Mizrahi was born in Brooklyn, NY, in the seventies to a respectful middle class family. As a young child, life was pretty good. Things started going sour when his father’s business took a turn for the worse. As a result, his suppliers were reluctant to give him credit. Eventually he declared bankruptcy.  His life […]

Who Calls the Shots?

It is widely knowns in the עולם הישיבות how זקן ראשי הישיבות מרן הרב שמואל קמנעצקי שליטא  is  big into health. He will not eat anything that has been unnaturally processed and sticks to a very stringent diet.  מרן הרב שמואל קמנעצקי שליטא strongly opposes all vaccination and his grandchildren do the same. The proof […]

Lichtenstein, How Do You Sleep At Night?

When a person gains power over other persons–political power to force other persons to do his bidding when they do not believe it right to do so–it seems inevitable that a moral weakness develops in the person who exercises that power. It may take time for this weakness to become visible. In fact, its full […]

Jewish Libs Accuse Pres. Trump for Pittsburg Massacre

WE our all aware of the manslaughter at the bris of the adopted twins of a gay Jewish couple in Pittsburg. The Anti-Defamation League accused the president for creating the environment that caused the Pittsburg massacre. ‘It’s the environment that you create with your rhetoric ‘said Jonathan Greenblatt The chief executive and director of the Anti-Defamation […]

Mayor Lichtenstein’s Affair

This goes back to the year  2007 when Meir Lichtenstein was only 36 years old, has been a committeeman for  3 years, mayor for a year and this is  his first year as the deputy mayor of Lakewood N.J. He was drunk from the power he had. He was drunk from the fast cash that […]

Beth Midrash Gavoha Endorses Pedophilia

Mr. Aaron Kotler, CEO of Beth Medrash Gavoha has been asked by NJ Governor Murphy to endorse Senator Menendez. NJ Governor Phil Murphy is currently on a visit to Israel in hope to run for president in 2024. He took along Mr. Kotler who in return will not refuse his request to endorse Senator Menendez. […]

APP: Moshe Newhouse Must Resign

Moshe S. Newhouse, who admitted to obtaining Medicaid benefits he was ineligible for, should resign from the Lakewood school board. Immediately. It’s a disgrace that someone who defrauded taxpayers continues to sit on a board that oversees a $165 million, taxpayer-funded budget. Staff Writer Stacey Barchenger reported Thursday that Newhouse and his lawyer cut a deal as […]

Moshe Newhouse – Ahron’s Whip on the BOE

The APP reports: Moshe Newhouse has reached a deal with DA’s office, threatened the APP and bought himself a mansion. (See below)   The question is why are we keeping him on the board?  Whether he is innocent or not, It does not reflect good on anyone. Can’t he be replaced? In the […]