Lichtenstein, How Do You Sleep At Night?

When a person gains power over other persons–political power to force other persons to do his bidding when they do not believe it right to do so–it seems inevitable that a moral weakness develops in the person who exercises that power. It may take time for this weakness to become visible. In fact, its full extent is frequently left to the historians to record, but we eventually learn of it. It was Lord Acton, the British historian, who said: “All power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Please do not misunderstand me. These persons who are corrupted by the process of ruling over their fellow men are not innately evil. They begin as honest men. Their motives for wanting to direct the actions of others may be purely patriotic and altruistic. Indeed, they may wish only “to do good for the people.” But, apparently, the only way they can think of to do this “good” is to impose more restrictive laws. And the more they are in power, the more they convince themselves that every action of theirs is purely noble and selfless. It’s all לשם שמים.
This same phenomenon has occurred to our friend, Committeeman Lichtenstein. Every ordinance he passes, every action he takes, as bad as it can be, in his mind it is for the good of the people. By now he truly believes he is a true saint who will go straight to heaven.
His actions are not only hurting the public but also his immediate family. Since his infidelity, his children cannot do shidduchim with families on the east coast, so he tries his luck with outer towners. Many have been asking ‘How heartless can you be?!It’s your own children!’. Indeed, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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    1. MM just returned from his extended vacation after a long overworked month running an exhausting re-election campaign.
      This time, his wife tagged along to keep him in line, making sure that he doesn’t run into shiksas, like when he went on his “military” trips.
      Remember the picture upon his return from Iraq some 4 years ago? His wife and children waving flags, welcoming him back to the Frum lifestyle?
      He had been away for 3 weeks, and all the local media where posting his loving family and deserted wife?
      This time, the Chardak didn’t publicize his “business trip” to avoid the Blog posts like this category.

  1. Sell the mother for a few dollars?, how dare you, it’s times of inflation….

    a few hundred dollars.

    Menashe is still busy with the forever stamps

    1. Remember the blog site, Menashe Miller’s House?
      They say he personally “shut it doWn” using illegal methods.
      This site Should beware and relocate to beyond the reach of the LPD and OCP .

  2. What are the arrangements at the Aguda convention?

    Are the veiberlach making appointments with Meir?

    In 3 days, he could really satisfy a lot of veiberlach.

  3. Him and his partner in crime are busy shaking in thier boots now that one of the victims who were nearly beaten to death for opposing eagle ridge , is talking.
    Just sit back and enjoy this action riddled movie.

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