The NJ1015 reports that the lakewood va’ad and Meir Lichtenstein knew about the mass arrests long before it happened . ‘ The office also used the Vaad to send letters to “dozens” more targets of other investigations, threatening them with prosecution if they did not apply.’ ‘And nearly three months before the general public knew […]

From Rags to Riches

In the mid-1990s, Beth Medrash Govoha brought Mr. Aaron Kotler from the small town of Fallsburg NY to be the CEO of the Beth Medrash Gavoha. Since then this young man from a poor family  massed a  great fortune through means of political power. He is estimated to be worth over $25,000,000.00. To name just […]

Letter from Gerrer Talmud Torah in Boro Park

WARNING ! SELECTZIA ! Yidden ! Rachmonim Bnei Rachmonim ! Save us! Save our beautiful Gerer Kehilla from the hands of the serial Mashchisim. Save us from those that bring slander to our Rebbe and cause him Agmas Nefesh on a daily basis! We thought that the breaking of Yeshiva Yagdil Torah and of Camp […]

Fifty Shades of Schwab

Many Names Schwab & Miller  go by many different names and addresses so to complicate tracing it back to them. Here is a list of few: Datamap, Diamond Triumph Properties LLC, Pinerock Lakewood LC, Richatz LLC, North Lake Realty LLC ,Land Barron LLC, DataMap Intelligence, DIAMOND TRIUMPH PROPERTIES LLC, PINEROCK CAPITAL LLC, PINEROCK LAKEWOOD LLC, […]

Schwab, Miller and Greeee$$$eeed

Why is the Lakewood Township Committee giving away very valuable commercially-zoned land to Charlie “Chatz” Schwab for bupkes ?? Is  America’s most prolific land-swapper  residing right here in our own little town?!?  This just proves the age-old adage that it’s “who you know” that counts…. Mr Schwab is the silent partner of Lakewood Committeeman Menashe Miller. […]