Mayor Lichtenstein’s Affair

This goes back to the year  2007 when Meir Lichtenstein was only 36 years old, has been a committeeman for  3 years, mayor for a year and this is  his first year as the deputy mayor of Lakewood N.J. He was drunk from the power he had.

He was drunk from the fast cash that was coming his way. All the big shots in town were asking him for favors in return for monetary gain. Now his management company really started picking up.  All he had to do is ask the owner of the building to give him the management – who would dare refuse the mayor?!! He was drunk from the honor he was getting. Until now he was a little yungerman struggling to make a living and now he was the most sought after real estate personality in town. It really got to his head. Meir was convinced that he was above all.

Meir’s good friend Mr. G—n was living at —— where Meir had many properties under his management. Meir was very close to Mr. G—n who fully trusted him. Meir takes a liking to Mrs. G—n and starts paying her a daily visit in the afternoon when Mr G—n is out of the house.  “I was just passing by the building to check on the management” he would say “is your husband home”. Of course he wasn’t. Once Meir was in the door….

This affair has been going on for months until one of the neighbors got suspicious.  She told others ….. and Meir was caught with his pants down. To his defense he claimed that ‘although there was penetration it wasn’t deep enough to constitute a violation of the 7th commandment’. Go figure.

As a result of this affair Mrs. G—n was divorced and a beautiful family with children was torn apart.

Power is a very powerful tool. It’s really hard to depart from. Meir just can’t let it go. The real question is – why don’t the power players replace him? Can’t they find another goon to do their bid? The answer is simple. They prefer someone they can get rid of in the blink of an eye. Like this he will do their bid at all costs, no questions asked. Another guy might decide enough is enough and do as he likes.

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      1. Mr . Lic——ein definitely still management. Question is is he still ‘ active’ in his previous ‘ business’

    1. I would also like to do so. Please set me up with a little something… I promise I’ll do tshuva immediately after…..

  1. He sounds like heimeshe version of harvey weinstein.
    I think hollywood and lakewood should become sister cities just like liktenstein and his buddy mayor miller set lakewood with bneibrak as sistet cities.Plenty of molesters to share between the 2 cities

  2. Meirs’ partner was this Dovid Weinberger from Lawrence, who was kicked out by the local Rabbonim.
    The local politician is still in the middle of pulling up his hoizen, cause it’s heavy with all those geneivas.

    This Weinberger was after someone locally, so he got meir to get the prosecutor after the guy.

  3. That’s why meir writes the 7 like Israelis, with a strike through the 7, he doesn’t count that as any issue.

  4. THIS WHOLE THING STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And is approved by Rabbi Malky שליטא who is under the spell of AK

  5. nice pic.. from the mik… or from the actual affair… anyways, why would any sane female want to …. with such a pig?!?!??!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!??!?!?!?!??!?!?
    maybe it’s the grapes.

  6. Meir got a hetter “MAY’AH”.
    He forgot that that’s for a man to have another wife, not for a married lady to accommodate……

    Where should his wife go?
    There are yesomim to raise, marry off, school them, etc.

  7. This year Agudah convention they are having panel with MEIR the topic is “ Leadership lounge moving Jewish values forward in progressive politics “

  8. How is the misaskim going to fit him in de box?
    De Feds will shrink him to size behind dem metal doors, J2 will send de pizzas-day fit under dem metal doors. (not the Chicago pizza, just the NY one) .

    Would a bagel n shmear get under dem metal doors? Nah!

  9. Mamzeirim? the corrupt officials, zoning & planning board members, etc.

    Senator Bob is the mesader kidushin for all of the corruption.

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