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Bruce was an attorney for Madison Title for many years and lately he opened his own practice in NYC. Bruce is on his second marriage. His first wife started a love affair with Mr. —– Lichtenstein from Lakewood NJ. They both worked at Oorah’s main office on Swarthmore Avenue. It started with casual meetings at lunch break. Apparently, things warmed up at The Zone,  Oorah’s summer camp…. (will not elaborate for reasons of צניעות …use your imagination). Eventually they were caught, and Bruce was forced to divorce her. Note: Mr. —– Lichtenstein is the brother of Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein.

So why is Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein fighting to have Bruce on the planning board? Why did he fight get him onto the ballot as the Republican candidate for township? It’s simple. Meir is paying him שתיקה געלט so he does not make a ruckus about his brother. Meir can’t afford another scandal on his plate.

Two years ago, the establishment/ Lakewood Mafia went on a search for a new political candidate who will tow the political line of their predecessors, Miller and Lichtenstein. They needed someone naive who will follow orders blindly but also would know how to protect himself from getting caught. An attorney who’s a Ba’al Tshuva was a perfect fit. Naïve enough but knows the law.

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  1. bruce sterns ex-wife worked in oorah Meir Lichtenstein’s brother worked there as well…….. Then bruce stern had to divorce his wife. I guess “……” runs in the Lichtenstein family.

  2. Who is meir Lichtensteins brother? Wow mr. Lichtenstein should step down from the committee before it’s too late now his whole extended family will be dragged through the mud.. he is causing all the schmutz.

    @jleaks its about time you start focusing on mr. Benny heineman. There is so much corruption and family issues there. Start with his inside deal with the Township to swap bp graphics property for bigger better property with underground parking all paid for by the Lakewood residents hard earned tax dollars. Benny is calling the shots he is behind all the garbage going on. You won’t need to dig to deep…

  3. Der Galach puts on his shirt with the buttons in the back, he can’t reach them.

    Others……should put on their pants backwards, perhaps.

  4. Bruce legal definition please.

    (a) In our representative form of government, it is essential that the conduct of public officials and employees shall hold the respect and confidence of the people. Public officials must, therefore, avoid conduct which is in violation of their public trust **or which creates a justifiable impression among the public that such trust is being violated.**

  5. Something ain’t right with your post.
    1) Fact: Aaron Kotler brought Bruce in from Washington State in or around 1996 to be an in house BMG attorney. Yea, at that time Bruce was fresh and naive. A couple of years into it. He saw Aaron’s true colors, his MO, and wised up and left BMG. (It’s possible that BMG fires him because they realized that he became un-naive. It doesn’t matter, same difference.)
    2) Bruce Stern doesn’t need hush money. He has very successful practice. He now has a beautiful family, even his kids realize their mother’s folly and they adore their father. So why would Bruce want to dredge up his past, and waste time on Aaron Kotler’s township and have to work on a regular basis with the brother of his nemesis?

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