R’ Tuvyeh (Rosenberg) – The Rich Man

In the dark of the night on August 28th 2018 –  R’ Tuvyeh Rosenberg secretly took a minyan of chisidishe yungerleit to the  Kever of the Ribnitzer Rebbe in Monsey, NY. All were convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt of the efficacy of the Rebbe’s powers when they witnessed and experienced miracles in all aspects of life from health problems to the resolution of financial issues.  Since his passing fifteen years ago, the Rebbe’s graveside has become one of the most visited gravesides in New York with literally thousands of people coming to pray and pour out their hearts, davening for Heavenly mercy in the merit of this Holy Tzadik. There are endless stories of those whose prayers have been answered and many people can attest to the positive developments that they witnessed after davening at the Rebbe’s tzion. R’ Tuvyeh was crying for Hatzlacha in future endeavors. No one new at the time what he was praying for.

The next day on August 29th 2018, a Lakewood couple, Frederick “Rob” Robison, 66, and his wife, Patricia Robison, 64, who have become outspoken opponents of development on the golf course in their neighborhood were severely beaten. The couple was leading the lawsuit against the developers. They were in critical condition at a local hospital Wednesday evening after the assault.

R’ Tuvyeh Rosenberg is the wealthy investor behind the Eagle Ridge Golf Course development. Frederick “Rob” Robison was setting too many obstacles in his way with his lawsuit. Without Mr. Robinson this would have been- fast and BIG cash.  This sheigetz was making to much trouble. How dare he?!? What a Chutzpah?!?

Connect the dots. Any conclusion you reach – it’s your opinion only.


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