Beth Midrash Gavoha Endorses Pedophilia

Mr. Aaron Kotler, CEO of Beth Medrash Gavoha has been asked by NJ Governor Murphy to endorse Senator Menendez.

NJ Governor Phil Murphy is currently on a visit to Israel in hope to run for president in 2024. He took along Mr. Kotler who in return will not refuse his request to endorse Senator Menendez. According to the FBI Senator Menendez has been flying overseas so he may sleep with 15 year old girls.  He had visas  expedited for another 4 girls in exchange for pleasurable favors. (picture of two of the girls – caution:  not the most modest).

By endorsing a pedophile for senate  Beth Midrash Gavoha is sending a clear message – it’s ok to be a pedophile even if  everyone  knows about it. It shouldn’t bother you in any way ’cause this is the Torah way.

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    1. And the fact that BMG fired and threw out of lakewood one of thier best rabbeim/farheres for speaking up about a fellow camp counselor who molested his son.
      The family eventually settled in Detroit.
      The ironic part of this story is that rabbi belsky actually accused the father himself of raping his son.
      I wonder if belsky came of the inferno yet.

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