Menashe Miller’s Mansion – Where is the money coming from?

Have you driven down Pine Street recently? have you noticed a nice big house right across the entrance to Forest Park? Well guess what – it’s the house of our beloved Menashe Miller.

Ever wonder how Deputy Mayor Menashe Miller can afford such a house? Looking at his financial disclosure form raises some serious questions. Before you start attacking me, that it’s not my business, let me let you in on a little secret. IT IS!!!! It’s all our business. He is a public figure and he has no right to take advantage of his position. That’s exactly why he needs to fill out a disclosure form.

As you can see on the form- he claims to be a very poor man. No assets. Barely any income. He makes sure to keep all assets under other names. His house is owned by Mr. Eisen who in exchange for this favor got his 1st street building approved for 6 floors with no parking!!

His investment properties are owned by many different people. To mention one of his secret partners: Kalman ‘Kevin’ Frisch. (see list of properties). The deal is simple. Menashe Miller goes to every police department in NJ and in exchange for favors from the Lakewood Police Department demands they use Banquets Payments owned by Kalman ‘Kevin’ Frisch for their payment processing. Once they agree, a generic email goes out from Banquets Payments asking the Police Department to join. From the money that comes in, Kalman ‘Kevin’ Frisch purchases another piece of property under his name. Even though the property is under Frisch’s name, they have an Operating Agreement stating that the properties are 50%-50%. (Operating Agreements are not registered anywhere, and only surface if the partners show it).NJDCA-FinancialDisclosurezjab2fr (2)





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  1. I hear he has other business not disclosed. I.e. Banquest Payment Systems. Oh wait this is the same company that does credit card processing for the township.

  2. Perhaps the same vendors he is using to build his house were awarded contracts to build the low income housing in Lakewood? Dig and you shall discover the facts.

    Supposedly the house is not yet transferred to menashe right away, this way he is able to get all the approvals he wants and not raise eyebrows. Game over menashe!

  3. What you see from these docs are his disclosed income. Hmmmm. Township 25k? Bob singer 10k? Chemed 50k? Army 10k? That’s 95k. Throw in another 10 from the two rentals How do u build a million dollar home on 105k a year?

    Please please spare your family the shame and step down before its to late


  4. Menashe
    I have to agree with the previous poster. I’ve you you a long time and you need to really think about if you need this. Run before its too late.

  5. Joe, Who cares?
    Is it fair to the taxpayers in Lakewood to have a shady person in office who only cares to about himself and his greedy needs, all on the backs of hard working taxpayers.
    There is a good reason why a public official must fill out a financial disclosure form.

  6. MM has more then 10 houses in Lakewood under other people names like on park ave on Chelsea court the FBI should have no problem digging this up! On a lighter note why did Yisro have seven names? For all the programs….
    Dig deeper. Who owned the property previously? I doubt it was a regular sale. Let’s find out how the previous owner was paid. Was it with a back room deal including some sort of political favor?

    1. Saul and Evelyn (Herzog) Halperin have hundreds of property in NJ and Dozens in Lakewood. In exchange for permits, Menashe was given this lot. in exchange for Construction awards, Mattis G. Built him a mansion. Subdivision (rear) was sold off . Next door sold to Jackson. The schvartze subdivided remaining property and sold through Shaul and Evelyn to various buyers.
      Mrs Menashe never approved. She lived in squalor her whole life. This is all Menashes idea. Unfair to target the family.

  7. i dont see dollar amounts on the documents. if its in fact 105k annual income- if he has several kids he is probably eligible and receiving some sort of government benefits. How ironic!!
    Im working my tail off to cover basic expenses. He doesent do much and is building a million dollar house, jet setting to Israel all the time….. It aint easy being menash……

  8. Please don’t talk about menasha like this. It’s not easy staging videos in the rain showing yourself to be a hero clearing trees from the roadway

  9. I am not thrilled about the situation in Lakewood. I pay a fortune in property taxes as well. With that being said there is still number 1 a thing called mesira 2 he has a wife and children they are innocent and did nothing wrong. I can tell you that I once posted about a politician on Hershel’s web site and overnight my life crashed. My business, children etc. please think and don’t do anything out of anger hatred or frustration like I did. The price you pay is to costly.

  10. This article is written off of hate and jealousy.

    If you want people to believe what you write about corruption focus on on real corruption. Furthermore, I am sickened that people have brought this family into this, leave them out of this!

  11. real corruption?? cant get more real than this!!
    pictures in the rain? how about a picture of him shoveling snow away from a vehicle? did anybody notice the vehicle was a big pick up truck??!! hahaha

  12. We should be worried about our high taxes not menashes house.
    BMG and their VAAD are the reason for our high taxes.
    But all you fellas are on the payroll of BMG, so you are all quiet.
    Talking about corruption?

  13. Why are u busy with these small fish look into the big boys thats where alot of the tax money goes through. LDC/UEZ/LCSC/CHEMED/VAAD who pays for all those free weekly seminars at the Strand? are there VAAD members who do business and benefit from contracts with the Township should they be allowed to tell us who to vote for?

  14. Convicted Sexual Pervert “Pre-Prison Party” Attended by Yanky Kanievski to Give Pervert “Chizuk”

    from Shana Aarons:
    Yisrael Draiman, a chareidi askan who was recently convicted of numerous sex crimes against four female minors. To be abundantly clear, he was charged with tens of counts of molestation, indecent sexual acts, and sodomy of four little girls each around 12 years old.
    Yanky Kanievsky, grandson of Reb Chaim Kanievsky attended this pre prison party .. This wouldn’t be exceptionally noteworthy except that Yanky is the leading gabbai of Reb Chaim, which means he is one of those who decides who is allowed in, who gets seen and heard, and whose letters gets signed by Reb Chaim. Which means, he is arguably one of the most powerful singular individuals in chareidi litvish Jewry today.
    This festive gathering, which took place in the last week, was a party in honor of Draiman, who will be beginning his prison sentence shortly.

    Let that sink in for a minute.

    The gatekeeper of Reb Chaim Kanievsky, the person who literally choses every haskama he makes and psak he gives, openly supports a man who enjoys raping little frum girls”.

    The party was two nights ago, hosted by Tzvi Cohen of Bnei Brak, owner of Maafiat Hatzvi. One of JCW’s team members spoke to one of the askanim who was present, who confirmed the special party taking place.
    There was a brief mention of it yesterday on Rotter, and it was quickly pulled down.

    As to Draiman’s conviction, the details are not public because the case was conducted in a sealed court room, as is typical in Israel in cases involving minors. We (JCW) do have a copy of the original indictment, and one additional court document which is on a public website.

    Many are asking what can be done… I can think of two things. One, if you can get access, call or visit Yanky Kanievsky. You may be yelling at a brick wall, but I do believe that if he hears from enough people, and enough survivors, it may impact the decisions he makes in the future.

    Second, I believe it’s important to acknowledge that change here is coming from the bottom up, not the top down. So for the people reading this, most of whom I’m certain are undeniably at the bottom of the chareidi mainstream totem pole, be the change

  15. Obviously you are not doing proper research. The Eisen who got approvals on 1st street is not the same Eisen that owns MM house. But it sounds good so you write it.

    1. Norma Eisen also did other shtick. He has a high powered Asian attorney keeping him above water. Not for long.
      This site will be closed shortly. Anyone who cares for this information should copy and store before it’s gone.

  16. Is this Frisch related to attorney Miriam Weinstein (maiden name Frisch) originally from Teaneck?
    Menashe and Miriam have a partnership?

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