Excerpts From Lawsuit Reveal – Flow White Milk Saga

A lawsuit has been filed in the Superior Court of NJ – reveals how  former Lakewood Mayor Menashe Miller tried to defraud the town. Also reveals who is the real owner of Flow White Milk. The quotes below are from the documents submitted to the court.


Charles ‘Chatz’  Schwab  hides his ownership interest in assets by having family members hold them as nominee.

An example of this would be the entity in which Schwab has an ownership called Flowing
White Milk LLC (“FWM”). When FWM applied for subdivision of a property that was legally
required to be transferred to the Township of Lakewood,  Menashe Miller, who has a fiduciary duty
to act in the interest of the Township, sought to have the Township walk away from its claim, and
allow FWM retain this property, worth between from $300,000 to $400,000 for nothing.
This is although Miller’s fiduciary duty is to the Township. It was only because concerned Lakewood residents made a fuss that the Township changed course. As such, FWM filed the action Flowing White Milk LLC v. Lakewood,
OCN-1040-17. In that action, on January 24, 2018, the Hon. James Den Uyl, J.S.C. granted
summary judgment to the Township. Miller’s eagerness to take a position adverse to the Township,
to benefit the interest of an entity in which Charles ‘Chatz’  Schwab has an interest, is obviously very …..

Charles ‘Chatz’  Schwab   now claims to have nothing to do with FWM.  Defendants explain, with overwhelming documentary evidence, clearly Plaintiff has a substantial interest in FWM, which is being concealed by the entity being held in the name of his cousin, Yitzchok Schwab, and Yitzchok Schwab’s wife, Rachel Bauman.


Rachel Bauman as Plaintiff’s wife…Ms. Bauman gave as her address on various filings
related to FWM as being 22 Carasaljo Drive, Lakewood, NJ. This is a single-family residence, that Plaintiff acknowledges is his address.



When Flowing White Milk (“FWM”) applied for subdivision approval, (for land
that was required to be deeded to the Township of Lakewood), it identified Rachel Bauman as
the sole member of FWM….. On a form requiring FWM to
identify anyone with an ownership interest of at least 10%, Ms. Bauman only identified herself..

  1. When FWM filed the action Flowing White Milk LLC v. Lakewood, OCN-1040-
    17, Rachel Bauman was identified in the verified complaint as its managing member.
  2. However, although Plaintiff claims to have nothing to do with FWM, when
    applying for subdivision approval, Ms. Bauman said its address was 22 Carasaljo Drive,
    Lakewood, NJ. Id., Pages 13, 17. This is Charles’s residential address.
  3. Moreover, between August 14, 2017 and August 14, 2018, the address for the
    registered agent for FWM was also 22 Carasaljo Drive, Lakewood, NJ.
  4. In addition, annexed to the certification filed by Ms. Bauman in the action
    Flowing White Milk LLC v. Lakewood, OCN-1040-17, is an exhibit that shows expenditures
    that were made by FWM, purportedly under the assumption that it owned the property.. It indicates that expenditures were paid by someone Chatz. Id. As was previously
    noted, Chatz is Plaintiff’s diminutive name.
  5. Moreover, the Bauman certification identifies the other expenditures as being
    made by Pinerock. Exhibit F, Page 27. Plaintiff owns numerous entities whose name starts with
    Pinerock, including Pinerock Capital EOM LLC, Pinerock Development LLC, Pinerock
    Lakewood LLC, and Pinerock Terra LLC.
  6. 15. Any doubt that there is a conscious effort to conceal the true ownership of FWM
    can be dispelled by viewing its corporate status report. The
    corporate status report indicates that the principal of the entity is “Flowing White Milk LLC.” Id.
    An entity cannot own itself.
  7. Clearly FWM is seeking to conceal its true ownership. This is because as was
    previously noted, Plaintiff has an ownership interest in the entity. However, he seeks to conceal that interest because of the scrutiny that would arise from Menashe Miller, with whom he is associated, having tried so hard to ensure that it would obtain ownership of Lakewood Township’s property for free.

Flowing White Milk Is Not the Only Instance Where Plaintiff Conceals Ownership
Interest, By Having His Property in the Name of His Cousin

       A brief search on the Ocean County Clerk’s website reveals an additional
example of Plaintiff hiding assets in the name of his cousins, Yitzchok Schwab and Rachel

18. This would be the property on the Lakewood Township Tax Map identified as
Block 569, Lots 7 and 9.
19. A tax lien on the property was purchased in the name of Milestone Investment
Partners LLC, which then commenced the foreclosure action, captioned, Milestone Investment
Partners LLC v. Edith Barbara Kontner, et. al., F-47921-13.
20. A status report for Milestone Investment Partners LLC, which is attached as
Exhibit J, indicates that its principal is Yitzchok Schwab.
21. A judgment of foreclosure was entered on September 29, 2016, vesting title to the
property in Milestone Investment Partners. A copy of the judgment is attached as Exhibit K.
22. On November 11, 2016, a deed was executed transferring the property from
Milestone Investment Partners LLC to Lippencott Capital LLC for one dollar. A copy of the
deed is attached as Exhibit L. It was signed by Rachel Bauman as managing member of
Milestone Investment Partners LLC. Id.
23. Plaintiff is the principal of Lippencott Capital LLC, as indicated in the status
report for Lippencott Capital LLC, which is attached as Exhibit M.
24. Milestone Investment Partners LLC, a for profit entity, presumably does not give
away its property for free.
25. This leads to the conclusion that Plaintiff indirectly was the true owner of the
property all along, and Milestone Investment Partners LLC, which was the nominal owner, was
merely acting as a front for Charles.

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    (April 3, 2019 - 8:06 am)

    Hi. It’s well known that Yitzy Schwab has his own tax lien business (together with Rokowsky from Tryko) which buys tax liens on properties. You are alleging that Chatz is also a partner. I don’t think that’s likely.

    If I had to guess, Ike probably made a deal with Chatz, that Ike would give Chatz a profit share in the property (and the new company) if Chatz takes care of the development and approvals.

    moshe kopoyer

    (April 1, 2019 - 2:29 pm)

    Chatz, Sometimes you can be your own worst enemy.
    Your fiends egged you on to this suit, it may be too late to pull out.
    After all of these years of work, for it all to go down in history like this?

    Sit back, What do you want history to remember you for?


    (April 1, 2019 - 9:49 am)

    Y Schawab wears cufflings on a regular Tuesday. Who does he think he is?!?!? The Governor?

    the three stooges

    (April 1, 2019 - 9:47 am)

    the three stooges

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