Lakewood Mafia Exposed

It took a bogus lawsuit by Charles ‘Chatz’ Schwab to finally expose the Lakewood mafia in action. Charles Schwab decided to launder the dirty laundry in public and now the dirt is coming out……

KUDOS to Shady Schwab!

This bad bunch have been using mafia tactics to suppress the opposition, so they may continue to pillage the tax payer undisturbed. To name a few:


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    (January 13, 2019 - 10:37 am)

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    (December 27, 2018 - 11:16 am)

    J II Pizza, better get ready to supply ny pizzas for the Chevra.
    It’s the only item that fits under them metal doors.


    (December 27, 2018 - 10:47 am)

    The Little Bird [Tzibur] and the Elephant [Vaad]

    Once there was an elephant and a little bird and the little bird was living in a tree on her nest, sitting on her eggs. After a while, they hatched.
    One day she flew off to fetch some food for her chicks. When she came back the chicks were killed by the elephant. The elephant was going under the tree all the time to drink water, so he touched the tree, the chicks fell out and he trod on them by accident.
    When the bird came back, the chicks were killed and the bird realised it was the elephant who killed them because she saw the footprint.
    She said, “Why did you kill my chicks?”
    The elephant answered, “So what?”
    And she replied, “For killing my chicks you should apologise, but you didn’t say sorry.”
    He laughs at her.
    “I’ll show you,” said the little bird.
    “Ha, ha, ha,” says the elephant.
    She went to her friends and told them the sad story, and they said, “How can we help you?”
    She said, “You can help me by hurting the eyes of the elephant and making him blind. Then he won’t be able to move.”
    They all agreed.
    When the elephant was going to the water as usual all the birds flew at his eyes and began to peck them and he became blind.
    The small birds also went to the water and met a frog and asked the frogs to help.
    “Please croak away from the water and the elephant will come, thinking there is water.”
    So they did it at the edge of a big ditch. The elephant came, following their croaks and the elephant fell into the ditch.
    The elephant moaned and the bird stood on his head and said, “You killed my chicks and I have had my revenge.”


    (December 27, 2018 - 10:44 am)

    The Frozen Bird
    Jun 27, 2012 / 1 Comment / 4,544 views /
    A little bird was flying south for the winter. It was so cold the bird froze and fell to the ground into a large field. While he was lying there, a cow came by and dropped some dung on him. As the frozen bird lay there in the pile of cow dung, he began to realize how warm he was. The dung was actually thawing him out! He lay there all warm and happy, and soon began to sing for joy. A passing cat heard the bird singing and came to investigate. Following the sound, the cat discovered the bird under the pile of cow dung, promptly dug him out and ate him.
    Moral of the story:
    (1) Not everyone who shits on you is your enemy.
    (2) Not everyone who gets you out of shit is your friend.
    (3) And when you’re in deep shit, it’s smart to keep your mouth shut!

    echud mi yoi'dayah

    (December 26, 2018 - 11:37 am)

    Partner?, like hell.

      echod mi'yodayah

      (December 26, 2018 - 1:31 pm)

      More like partner in hell
      Yuk’s long time daf yomi zooger
      And his ben sorer umerer
      With the Shainer gangsters and Cohen the notary, formed and continue the first shaIgetz boys Mafia and all done B’itztalis d’rabonon.

      Though some of the Farbrechers were caught in the EW case; others ran to Israel and Florida, poor Fishel was a Yoshev.

      Aryeh, Miriam, and other W’s are still influencing Lakewood Township despite their crony Steve, and his Yefas Toar, being kicked out of shtudt.

      They say it’s a rachmonus on old man Yuks so they don’t tcheper with his mishpocho.

      Whatever the reason, the Yoshvei Kronos at Yukes are still going strong.

        Mendel Rabinowitz

        (December 26, 2018 - 4:21 pm)

        Dear echod mi’yodayah

        ביאור מילים
        W- Weinstein
        EW- ??
        Steve – what s his last name? Steve Langert?

        AW- Aryeh weinstein?
        farbrecher – Criminal


          (December 27, 2018 - 6:47 pm)

          Yefas toar= Sharon langert
          Shainer = yudel and sons

          Florida=Moti Gelbahuer
          Daf yomi = sck
          Sorer umerer= Ari Weinstein

    Sedom n Gemorah

    (December 25, 2018 - 6:35 pm)

    Is that part of Kikar Hashabos?

    Sedom n Gemorah

    (December 25, 2018 - 6:34 pm)

    AW bought a property Monmouth & 4th at a LKWD tax sale. SCK got Senator Bob to cancel the sale, then Senator maneuvered to property to SCK.

      A Great Neighbor

      (December 26, 2018 - 6:24 am)

      Is AW Weinstein?


      (December 26, 2018 - 10:01 am)

      SCK is longtime partner with AW


    (December 25, 2018 - 6:27 pm)

    This is not the whole mafia.

    Sedom n Gemorah

    (December 25, 2018 - 6:26 pm)

    SCK, etc. sent his henchman to the OC prosecutor to go after an askan in the community with a false accusation.
    When the OC Prosecutor refused, he sent his henchman to LPD chief Lawson, to convince to OC P, to file charges.


      (December 26, 2018 - 1:38 pm)

      Name the victim please


    (December 25, 2018 - 6:15 pm)

    SCK, wears gloves (others) to keep his hands clean, he leaves no fingerprints.


    (December 24, 2018 - 7:48 pm)

    עכשיו תאכלו חרה


    ב נתניהו

    (December 24, 2018 - 7:48 pm)

    Hey chèvre

    The fbi is gonna it you all !!
    ראו הוזהרתם!!!!!
    תברחו לארץ

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