The End of the Agudah who Love Gays

By Rabbi Dovid Eidensohn

What is wrong with the old Agudah? Well, the Agudah of the Chofetz Chaim was fine of course. And Mike Tress was everybody’s tsadik. And Rabbi Sherrer worked closely with Reb Yaacov Kaminetsky. The problem is today. What is the problem today?

It is a mitsvah to hate those who love gays, even more than to hate the gays themselves. A gay may have an excuse if he can’t help himself. But the Agudah Rosh Yeshivas who are happily married. They can’t control themselves from violating the Torah and HaShem like apikorsim to pronounce that the teaching of HaShem is not only wrong but a hate crime?

Let us bring things up to date.

A Torah Jew’s obligation is to follow exactly, word for word, what HaShem taught to Moshe at Sinai, and what the great rabbis who followed the way of Moshe through the generations followed the exact laws of the Torah and did not back gays and such horrors.

Here is an article in the paper about the latest horror directly traced to the Agudah.

A Chicago rabbi has been appointed to the 16th state House District of Illinois. Following today’s selection of Rabbi Yehiel Kalish to fill a vacant seat in the Illinois House of Representatives, Agudath Israel issued the following statement:

Agudath Israel of America congratulates Rabbi Yehiel Kalish, a longtime employee and current member of its board of trustees, on his appointment to the Illinois House of Representatives. During his tenure at the Agudah, first as Midwest Regional Director and eventually as the Vice President for Development and State Relations….. We offer him our most sincere wishes and heartfelt prayers for success.

And as an Orthodox rabbi, his appointment has some political observers wondering whether Kalish will be as supportive of progressive issues as Lang, such as a minimum wage increase and strengthening the rights of women and LGBQT communities. “Rest assured” Kalish told POLITICO, “During my conversation with Lou Lang, I said, ‘The voters of the 16th District won’t notice a difference in my voting record compared to yours.’” That means: “Yes,” he’s pro-choice. “Yes,” he supports gay marriage. And “yes,” he supports a $15 minimum wage—and wants to “make sure Medicaid providers have what they need for quality care” in nursing homes, too.

Lang assures that Kalish is a good fit for the district. “I would never have appointed someone who did not share my values,” he told POLITICO. “He (Kalish) is an ardent supporter of the same issues I have been working on for 32 years. End of newspaper article. I continue:

We declare the Agudah is no longer the Agudah of the Chofetz Chaim who would never have tolerated this for a second. Anyone who openly defies a passage in the Torah in two places Vayikro 18 and 20 that a homosexual must be killed is an apikoress.

Somebody suggested that I conclude this article “Agudas Israel comes out of the closest.” But that is not true. They have been out of the closet since 1993 which was 29 years ago. Now it is official. The Agudah is a closet of apikorsim and nobody may belong to it. I listed before two senior Rosh Yeshivas who told me “It is forbidden to fight gays because that is an act of hate.” And now we have a prominent rabbi who is a long-time member of Agudah and a major speaker in their organization, who becomes an Assemblyman despite the fact that he doesn’t need the money but the kovode, and declares that he is pro-gay. Anybody who calls him a rabbi is either Reform or an apikores. If he would become a gay that would be an improvement.

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14 thoughts on “The End of the Agudah who Love Gays

    David Eidensohn

    (February 4, 2019 - 5:58 pm)

    I have a blog with hundreds of files Recently I am heavily involved fighting with Cuomo who has changed basic laws on abortion and much more to the detriment of biblical and family people. Now a husband or boyfriend who has a wife who is pregnant and wants her baby very much and the baby is coming to term and birth, and he slips her without her knowledge a pill that will kill the baby, this is not a crime in New York State. Indeed, the basic biblical and family values moral people adapt are being changed and removed. These are the sixty people who did away with biblical and moral values at the time that college students were drafted in the sixties to fight the hopeless battles in Viet Nam. Orthodox people could no longer attend college and many came to Lakewood. The fruition of that are the constant flow of million dollar checks to Lakewood to build another building and another building.

    Reb Aharon Kotler died in 1962 and Reb Shneur his son refused to take over the reigns of Lakewood. He said, My father could not raise money for the Yeshiva and I can? But Reb Aharon’s friend Reb Yosher Ber from YU then took charge. He summoned his disciples who had received semicha from him and were rabbis in wealthy shuls, and threatened them. Either come up with large checks for Lakewood or turn in your semicha. The money flowed in, Reb Shneur took over the Yeshiva and built it up very far. The boys who could no longer go to college often came to Lakewood. When they married their parents had to give large sums of money to support the family. Today there are many million dollar checks to build buildings for Lakewood students.
    Money has always been a problem for Torah Jews. Especially when the husbands sit and learn. When my father died after an extended illness, and he had always had plenty of money as he was the world’s greatest expert in batteries and had doubled the Navy’s submarines with one battery invention, but then he suffered a terrible illness and his money declined. Now that he died my mother who had never worked and had children in the house needed somebody to help with the money. I went to Reb Aharon Kotler and he told me to go home and told me exactly what kind of jobs I was permitted to take. These were jobs that were also permitted in Lakewood to wives of Kollel people and I was unmarried at the time.

    In truth, one of the reasons I wanted to leave Lakewood was to help my mother and to teach Torah to my family. But my mother was scandalized that I gave up learning and despite what Reb Aharon told me she ordered me back to Lakewood. Subsequently, she got a good job working in a doctor’s office. When he examined women he was afraid they could make up stories about him. My mother worked there for a few years and then the whole family moved to New York and my brothers learned in Rabbi Friedfeld’s Yeshiva.

    I am being trained by experts to produce many articles that are being distributed to thousands of people. I am at war with those who as taught in Sota 49 will be he deniers of Hashem and the destroyers of family just before Moshiach comes. Out ask now, just before Moshich will come, is to overcome the Cuomos, and countries like England and Canada which have done away with moral and biblical values and respect for family, and now New York State, and we may reach a situation maybe throughout the world that our children will be forced to study opposition to the Torah and family. But as the Mishneh says, “There is nobody to turn to other than our Fatherin Heaven.” And Reb Elchonon Wasserman explained. This is not a cry of despair, because HaShem created a world full of evil, but eventually, as Rambam says, Jews and gentiles will all turn to HaShem and give up evil. This will happen when Moshiach arrives.

    For more information on these ideas, my blog is

    David Eidensohn

    (February 4, 2019 - 5:09 pm)

    Senior Agudah Apikorsim
    Dovid Eidensohn
    Why I Don’t Recognize Agudas Israel of America
    In a previous article on my blog and elsewhere, I strongly attacked Agudas Israel for two reasons. One, in 1996 two senior rabbis of the Kasho Jewish community commanded me to run for Country Executive, not to win which they did not want, but to fight gays. I received a blessing to succeed in my task from a senior rabbi who just passed away, and entered the fray against a Republican and Democratic candidate. On June 26, 1996 the Journal News newspaper of Lohud, prominent throughout New York, wrote me up on page one with large letters and my picture: Rabbi attacks gay lobby calls it an army of hate. From then on for months I was called for my comments on various matters, including how to fix up a traffic problem. I then called up two major Rosh Yeshivas of Agudas Israel and asked them to help with the war against gays. They both replied with the following words: “You may not fight gays. To fight gays is an act of hate.” What do they do with the pesukim in Vayikro 18:22 and 20:13 that sodomy is a capital crime? They don’t believe in it. They prefer money from the politicians who back gays. From this I realized that the Chofetz Chaim was no longer in charge of Agudas Israel. These believers that to fight gays is hate and against the Torah are apikorsim.
    Recently we had a reply of this even worse. A prominent rabbi who did much to spread Torah and achieved high positions in Agudas Israel of America, was given the choice of succeeding a retiring Assemblyman in the state of Illinois. Yechiel Kalish accepted on the condition that he back gays and other positions of the ultra-liberal retiring Assemblyman. This was backed and not criticized by anyone in the Agudah. I made increasing phone calls for days to the top people of the Agudah including the one who wrote warmly about Kalish, and left emails and phone messages why I was calling, to find out if the Agudah has officially turned away from the Torah to violate passages that Jews recite from the Torah on Yom Kippur. Nobody answered the phone, despite that many people assured me they would return my phone call.
    Finally, I called again and got one person very high up in the Agudah and a warm friend of mine in previous years. I explained about Kalish and he said that he spoke to him but that Kalish told him that he had made a mistake and indicated that the Agudah should accept this. I asked the prominent person if he would publicize what he heard from Kalish and he said no because that would make a Chilul HaShem. In other words, if the Agudah ever makes a mistake and the whole world knows about it because it is all of the newspapers, the Agudah must pretend that it never happened.
    My response to this and my experience with the Agudah as mentioned before going back many years to 1996 was that not publicizing people who lie about violating the Torah is itself the worst Chilul HaShem. Even though everybody knows that Kalish took the job as Assemblyman only because he had to vote for gays and other anti-Torah things. He had to commit to follow in the path of the Assemblyman who just resigned and had the legal right to appoint the successor.
    I myself got a phone call from Kalish and he spoke very nicely to me, not knowing why I asked his office to have him call me. When he began to realize that I was not in his district he began to speak differently especially when I broached the question about backing gays. I understood from him that he does back gays. And if he knows, as I know, that the Agudah has refused to confront him on this other than the one person who asked him and got a lie about his changing his promise, we have no choice but to fault the entire Agudah of the Chofetz Chaim for its silence on Kalish. Of course, the senior Rosh Yeshivas from 1996 who disagreed with two pesukim in Vayikro that sodomo was a capital crime are apikorsim.
    Where is the Chofetz Chaim? And why do we fling our criticism at the Agudah alone, when so many people who are Torah Jews refuse to publicly protest the New York State GET Law which allows a forced GET that produces many mamzerim? And why do so very few people protest when Moshe Heinemann who studied under Reb Aharon Kotler, announceson the Internet that everyone should give money to the organization ORA which has already freed 140 women with forced Gittin from their husband. That produces mamzerim when the woman remarries. And why when Cuomo’s new Democratic government passes new laws on abortion and fetuses that remove the crime of poisoning a woman who wants her baby by poisoning her so that he child dies are so many Torah Jews silent? New York State no longer thinks that a crime of murdering a fetus just about to be born is wrong.
    The gemora in Shabbos says that anyone who knows about sins that othera do and is silent, is punished for those peoples’ sins. What hope is there for everybody today?
    I know a few people, some of them without money, some of them with health and other problems, who are battling Cuomo tooth and nail. What about the rest of us?

    Moshe Kapoyer

    (February 3, 2019 - 8:40 am)

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    moshe kopoyer

    (January 30, 2019 - 5:33 pm)

    I do not think E. Brudny presents Jewish values, after he went all out to protect the Kaminetskys in their permitting a woman to marry without a GET. He was the one that got a letter with signatures for him.

    Was it his reason in order to try to get into the Moetzes?? I do not know.

    Abortion is murder

    (January 30, 2019 - 2:50 pm)

    cohen C

    (January 29, 2019 - 5:07 pm)

    The headline Is a little too harsh. Most are ignorant even if when willfully so

      Moshe k

      (January 29, 2019 - 7:46 pm)

      Rabbi Cohen

      We have no choice but to yell. GUVALDDDD

      Lilian McCormick

      (January 29, 2019 - 7:46 pm)

      When the house is burning u gotta tell. Manners we can keep for another time.

    cohen C

    (January 29, 2019 - 5:04 pm)

    Just weeks ago,” added Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, East Coast Regional Vice President of the CJV, “Israel was shocked when a terrorist shot a young expectant mother in her abdomen, leading to the death of her baby. An entire country mourned for what New York State would have us believe was a matter of no consequence. Under the guise of progressivism, New York is taking us back to a primitive age when infanticide was also accepted — and the fact that these ‘progressives’ want to take up euthanasia next should surprise no one.”


      (January 29, 2019 - 7:47 pm)

      What’s cjv ?

    Pinny Lipshitz

    (January 29, 2019 - 3:33 pm)

    Rav Avigdor Miller, Z”L would have said “one may not participate as a member of the current Agudah.

    Send back your membership cards, don’t attend any of their functions.

    moshe kopoyer

    (January 29, 2019 - 3:31 pm)

    LGBTQ has parked themselves in the makom torah of Passaic, they built up this local and state politician Garry Schaer.

    He came out the closet a long time ago.

    Passaic yeshiva?? coming out of the closet already?


    (January 29, 2019 - 3:28 pm)

    Not only Agudah, Passaic, Lakewood all support the Garry Shaer supporter of Gays, SS marriage, all abomation.

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