Prelude To New Lakewood Novel ‘The Pit Is Empty’

The Pit is Empty Dina & Malka Open Letter We are Dina and Malka. We are two sixteen year olds who live in Lakewood. We are fictional characters. We only exist in the mind of our creators and in your mind. But you and our creators are real, so that makes us feel a little […]

Profile: Rabbi Shmuel M. Tendler

Rabbi Shmuel Tendler is the Rabbi of Cong. Sons of Israel. If you check out the website of the shul you will discover that is more about death, then prayer. The website is run by FuneralAlone and list hundreds of obituaries. The reason is simple – Tendler’s cash cow is the funeral business. Even on […]

The End of the Agudah who Love Gays

By Rabbi Dovid Eidensohn What is wrong with the old Agudah? Well, the Agudah of the Chofetz Chaim was fine of course. And Mike Tress was everybody’s tsadik. And Rabbi Sherrer worked closely with Reb Yaacov Kaminetsky. The problem is today. What is the problem today? It is a mitsvah to hate those who love […]

Adam Pfeffer & Sen. Singer (part 3)

On the same day that Eagle Ridge closed, Kokes and Mizrachi gave away the house that Senator Singer lives in- 1463 Massachusetts Ave for a very cheap price. It was given to the LLC that currently owns the house. The registered agent of the LLC is no other than Adam Pfeffer Esq. Both GDMS and […]

Working In The Dark

The Ocean County awarded a contract for safety improvements for the corner Ridge & New Hampshire Ave. New Hampshire Ave will receive properly paved right and left turning lanes. Ridge Ave will be widened westbound to accommodate a dedicated left turning lane, plus a straight lane, and the eastbound lane will be narrowed to one […]

Only in Chelm

Look at this picture. Does something look wrong? Really off? This putz is steering into the abyss. Dreaming away. It’s because Senator Singer is legally blind. Have you ever gone to the Republican Club’s meeting? Senator Singer will always ask you for your name – for the simple reason that he cannot see. And this […]

Lakewood Mafia Exposed: Part 3

  This blatant שנאת ישראל is a direct result of the shenanigans of the Board of Education, the developers and there partners. No more ישראל אשר בך אתפאר -now we are ALL a target, because the ones that represent us are the same individuals that are stealing and pillaging every dollar possible. האנשים האלה הם […]

Are we Better off Without Lakewood’s Industrial Commission?

The formation of a industrial commission has been a long standing practice for states,cities and towns across the nation. The general purpose in the structuring of a commission is to secure the interests of its governing body. Lakewood’s industrial commission is no different its creation was to solidify the growth in the industrial area. The […]

Schwab – The King of Chelm

Under the cover of darkness Schwab is doing all he can to snatch up as many properties as possible while he is shooting out a lawsuit to stop people from digging into his shady deals…….. In ordinance 2018-39  the township granted parcel 1264.1 to diamond triumph LLC which is owned by non-other than Charles Schwab. […]

Adam Pfeffer Esq. (part 2)

Adam Pfeffer is the attorney for all shenanigans in town. See our previous post: For a minimal fee you can go incognito. Senator Singer’s official residence is 1463 Massachusetts Ave. in Lakewood NJ. It is registered under 1463 Massachusetts Ave LLC ( . The mailing address is Adam’s office. Word is that the home […]

Dr. Rich Roberts: Is He Impartial?

FDA started approving drugs that have been around long before the FDA was established and now their prices are soaring. There are about 1,000 medications on the market that predate the existence of the Food and Drug Administration and therefore were never approved. FDA official Deborah Autor spoke to CBS News as head of the […]

Profile: Michael Inzelbuch Esq.

Being the Lakewood Township Board of Education Attorney has its perks (not just the $600,000 salary, benefits, expense compensation and litigation fee). We are all for enjoying the fruits of ones labor but…wow! In addition to multiple investment properties located in Lakewood, Mr. Inzelbuch and his family enjoy this palatial estate. 9,000 square feet, 16 […]

Lakewood Mafia Exposed: Part 2

Lakewood Police Brutality Isn’t our police force supposed to serve and protect us? To me it seems as though a lot of them have been taking advantage of their power and taking advantage of American citizens just to appease those in power. On New Year’s Day, as Miller and Lichtenstein were busy celebrating their reelection, […]

APP Needs To Kvetch

The APP is complaining: Why Board of Ed member, Moshe Newhouse stopped coming to Board’s meetings. Well, I’ll tell you why. The meetings and resolutions are dictated by Mr. Inzebluch Esq. The chairman does not open his mouth and the board members have no say whatsoever. They take orders from Inzebluch who takes orders from Kotler […]

Finally George Gillmore Is Going Jail

Finally, the king maker of Ocean County has been indicted. Many more to come…. (click here)     So is he going to start singing ….??? How long of a term will he serve? Will he resign from politics? Is this first of many  indictments to come against Gillmore? What’s with his old pal cranky […]

Miller Mania: Part 5

Here is another one. It’s 2015. Menashe Miller is not the Mayor – so why is he dictating the project? Why is the township attorney asking him? It gets even worse… because FWM was operating illegally at the time, as they hadn’t incorporated yet with the State of NJ, or ANY state for that matter. […]

Profile: Bob Singer. A Self-Serving Murderer

State Senator Mr. Bob Singer was born in New York City on October 29, 1947. He grew up in New York attending public schools there. From 1966 to 1972, he served in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserves. His parents kept a Jewish traditional home. He went on to marry Jewish woman by the name of […]

So Why Are You Still Living With This Bum?!?!

In the USA, 65 percent of couples stay together after infidelity is discovered and for many reasons. For some it is battered woman syndrome. For some it is  weighing the benefits vs. the cost of dumping the bum. Here are some  of the reasons that are relevant for wives who are married to powerful political figures e.g. […]

Profile: Bruce Stern

Bruce was an attorney for Madison Title for many years and lately he opened his own practice in NYC. Bruce is on his second marriage. His first wife started a love affair with Mr. —– Lichtenstein from Lakewood NJ. They both worked at Oorah’s main office on Swarthmore Avenue. It started with casual meetings at […]

Shady, Shady Schwab…..

Below are all Schwab Lakewood properties. EVERY SINGLE ONE is attached to a Lakewood Township property….Very interesting that he doesn’t own anything that is not connected. 3 properties have the same wrong address – Kind of like his invoices. The cutest of them all is PINE FOREST MANOR C-2 is Block 1226, Lot 5 It is […]


After a full month of delaying tactics the township of Lakewood decided they cannot give over any emails from the Garzo; Schwab; Miller – scheme. They can however provide many excuses as to why they cannot provide the documents, attorney client privilege, to broad of a request, bla bla bla…..     WHAT DO YOU […]