Miller The Maniac: Part 4

July 16, 2011 Two downtown businesses were destroyed in a fiery blaze at 322 Fifth Street around 12 p.m., on July 16, 2011. It took about four hours to get the “stubborn fire” at the commercial structure under control, he said. About 60 firefighters responded to battle the blaze, after smoke and flames were seen […]

בשורה טובה לשוחרי ספר!!!!

ידוע בשער בת רבים מעלת הספר החשוב אמת קנה שנתחבר ע’י הרה’ג המפורסם הרב יחיאל מיכל פיינשטיין זצוקללה’ה ויבלח’ט הרה’ג ר’ יעקב שיף  תלמיד  מרן רשכבה’ג הגר’א קוטלר שליט’א – .וכבר אזל מן השוק. ולתועלת הרבים הבאנו פה לינק .וכעת שוקדים בני עליה יוצאי ישיבת בריסק המעטירה על הוצאה חדשה עם תמונות ובתרגום אנגלית   פרשת […]

הדרשן המפורסם ר’ יעקב יגן שליט’א

Kapo Kotler Mr Ahron Kotler is quiet clever when it comes to using  mafia tactics. He gives a call to one of his henchmen –  His brother, Kanarek, Coles, Little lichy, Miller, Hertzel, Flancbaum, Shenky and you name it – and asks if they can fix the situation…. He does not give exact details, but […]

A Multi Billionaire Doing עבירות!?!?!?

A multi billionaire  סאטמער חסיד from Williamsburg by the name of Luis Kestenbaum is suing a blogger for exposing his עבירות , many which do not align with the ten commandments….. http://•

Miller Mania: part 3

Gambling addiction—also known as—pathological gambling, compulsive gambling or gambling disorder—is an impulse-control disorder. If you’re a compulsive gambler, you can’t control the impulse to gamble, even when it has negative consequences for you or your loved ones. You’ll gamble whether you’re up or down, broke or flush, and you’ll keep gambling regardless of the consequences—even when […]

Lakewood Mafia Exposed

It took a bogus lawsuit by Charles ‘Chatz’ Schwab to finally expose the Lakewood mafia in action. Charles Schwab decided to launder the dirty laundry in public and now the dirt is coming out…… KUDOS to Shady Schwab! This bad bunch have been using mafia tactics to suppress the opposition, so they may continue to […]

Lichy, Miller & Schwab Vs. Klein, Sharaby, Hershkowitz, Schubert & Schmidt

A synopsis of the Schwab Vs. Lakewood Residents Lawsuit: Until a few years ago a few cronies enjoyed the pleasure of pillaging the tax payer undisturbed. Life was good for the cronies. Things started changing with when First Amendment Activist started videoing the township meetings, the Take Back Lakewood movement, people started speaking up, OPRA […]

Old Man Shenky & his Shenanigans: Part 1

Elections in a democracy should be transparent and fair. Every county has an election board that supervises the election so to insure it is run fair and square. The current Ocean County board members are: George R. Gilmore , Chairman Wyatt Earp , Secretary Commissioner Rabbi Israel Schenkolewski , Commissioner Matthew R. Sage, Commissioner The […]

מורנו הרב רבי ישראל קלמן קראהן זצוק”ל

הרב קראהן זצ”ל, נולד לאביו ר’ אברהם זעליג קראהן זצ”ל בלייקווד. היה מפורסם כגבאי צדקה, בעל מוסר, ותלמיד חכם גדול שהיה אחד מעמודי התווך של לייקווד החרדית. Rabbi Krohn was the only voice in Lakewood which opposed the secularization of our יידישע קינדער. The degradation of צניעות was painful to him. He couldn’t take the […]

עריות בהכשר הבד”ץ – Kosher Adultery

עריות בהכשר מרן רשכבה”ג ראש הישיבה דלייקווד Everyone knows of Mr. Lichteinstein’s extramarital affair, Including Rabbi Malkiel Kotler. Some of the more gullible in the Jewish world think that if כבוד מרן רה”י allows this to pass it must be ok; after all -he is the grandson of מרן רשכבה”ג ראש הישיבה דלייקווד זצוק”ל so it […]

‘Schady Schwab’ – caught with his pants down

So Charlie asks the township for: Block Lot Zoning Tax Map Page Owner Name Owner Address Property Location Building Description Land Description Width Length Land Assessment Building Assessment Total Assessment Acreage Zone Tax Amount Additional Qualifier Deed Book Deed Page Last Sale Date Last Sale Amount He needs it all so he can know of […]

Is Adam Pfeffer Esq. Forging Signatures?!?!?

Is Adam Pfeffer Esq. Forging Signatures?!?!? Adam Pfeffer appears to be using forged signatures to apply for a massive campus for Developer Dachs. One of the owners of the land, who lives in Illinois, allegedly signed an application allowing a yeshiva to build 300 units supposedly for married students when actually he plans on selling […]

Milller Mania (part 2)

From: Joyce Blay Sent: Friday, August 10, 2018 4:22 PM To: Subject: Request for Comment 8.10.18 Good afternoon, Mr. Deputy Mayor. Menashe, according to the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce website, you have served three terms as a member of the Lakewood Township Committee. Since you were first elected to the committee in 2003 and affirmed […]

Menashe Miller’s Mansion – Where is the money coming from?

Have you driven down Pine Street recently? have you noticed a nice big house right across the entrance to Forest Park? Well guess what – it’s the house of our beloved Menashe Miller. Ever wonder how Deputy Mayor Menashe Miller can afford such a house? Looking at his financial disclosure form raises some serious questions. Before […]

Rabbi Moshe Pruzansky – נבל ברשות התורה

Back in the day, Rabbi Moshe Pruzansky, the Rosh Yeshiva of Chemdas Hatora went on a rampage against Mr. Dachs. Mr. Dachs wanted to build duplexes adjacent to his yeshiva. In addition, Rabbi Mendlowitz planned on building an educational campus in the area. Rabbi pruzansky argued that this would strongly affect the shteigen of the […]

Miller Mania

Let’s play connect the dots………… Our saga starts back in 2003 with the purchase of the lot from Mr. John Brown, by Shaul Halpern. So here’s the deed and here is a copy of the tax map to show you what the lot look likes. Fast forward in time as Menashe sees everyone else getting […]