Mayor Lichtenstein’s Affair

Post Views: 21,865 This goes back to the year  2007 when Meir Lichtenstein was only 36 years old, has been a committeeman for  3 years, mayor for a year and this is  his first year as the deputy mayor of Lakewood N.J. He was drunk from the power he had. He was drunk from the […]

Beth Midrash Gavoha Endorses Pedophilia

Post Views: 2,028 Mr. Aaron Kotler, CEO of Beth Medrash Gavoha has been asked by NJ Governor Murphy to endorse Senator Menendez. NJ Governor Phil Murphy is currently on a visit to Israel in hope to run for president in 2024. He took along Mr. Kotler who in return will not refuse his request to […]

APP: Moshe Newhouse Must Resign

Post Views: 20,491 Moshe S. Newhouse, who admitted to obtaining Medicaid benefits he was ineligible for, should resign from the Lakewood school board. Immediately. It’s a disgrace that someone who defrauded taxpayers continues to sit on a board that oversees a $165 million, taxpayer-funded budget. Staff Writer Stacey Barchenger reported Thursday that Newhouse and his lawyer cut […]

Moshe Newhouse – Ahron’s Whip on the BOE

Post Views: 33,245 The APP reports: Moshe Newhouse has reached a deal with DA’s office, threatened the APP and bought himself a mansion. (See below)   The question is why are we keeping him on the board?  Whether he is innocent or not, It does not reflect good on anyone. Can’t he be […]

Dudi Zions & Company

Post Views: 2,498 Dudi enjoys working in the dark. His name is not mentioned anywhere because Dudi is very different then his other partners. He knows that name and fame can only bring attention to his activities which can only bring no good. His partners are Saul Mizrachi and Meir Lichtenstein. Meir brings the land  […]

Larry Loigman Esq. Sues LKWD Mayor & Lichtenstein

Post Views: 1,767 We have reported on the shenanigans LKWD Mayor Coles and Committeeman Lichtenstein have been doing to cover their tracks by asking the Township Manager to erase township records. As a result the Township Manager resigned and was paid a hefty sum to keep quiet. Now, Mr. Larry Loigman Esq. is suing the […]

אמריקיים מטומטמים – Dumb Americans

Post Views: 2,637 Since the break ups in the Israeli Chareidi world (Degel, Peleg, Shteinmanistim, Shasnikim, Etznikim, Mechablim, Soni’im… ) the Israeli public has learnt  that the עסקנים + אייניקלך run the show and decide for the גדולים  what the דעת תורה. It’s no secret; it’s in the daily frum news.  When the עסקנים + אייניקלך say […]

Welcome צאנז!

Post Views: 2,136 חרדים 10 reports  צאנז is coming to Lakewood.

התינוק Ahron Checkanow הי’ד

Post Views: 6,053 We all remember the tragic  passing of a Lakewood  baby by the name of Ahron Checkanow. The death occurred on February 25th 2018. Very tragic, very sad.   But what you don’t know is…. That Baby Ahron had a nurse that was provided by  Good Night Moon Nursing Agency who was negligent on the […]

Is Lutzk A Beis Medrash or A Temple ??

Post Views: 2,335 20 years ago Rabbi Zalmen Sorotzkin opened a shul in the basement of his home. It serviced the 12th street andMonmouth area. Shabbos morning prayers started at 9:45, majority of the crowd walked in after shachris. A full lavish- 3 course Kiddush was served every week while Rabbi Sorotzkin gave a small […]

From Rags to Riches

Post Views: 2,816 In the mid-1990s, Beth Medrash Govoha brought Mr. Aaron Kotler from the small town of Fallsburg NY to be the CEO of the Beth Medrash Gavoha. Since then this young man from a poor family  massed a  great fortune through means of political power. He is estimated to be worth over $25,000,000.00. […]

Letter from Gerrer Talmud Torah in Boro Park

Post Views: 6,223 WARNING ! SELECTZIA ! Yidden ! Rachmonim Bnei Rachmonim ! Save us! Save our beautiful Gerer Kehilla from the hands of the serial Mashchisim. Save us from those that bring slander to our Rebbe and cause him Agmas Nefesh on a daily basis! We thought that the breaking of Yeshiva Yagdil Torah […]

Fifty Shades of Schwab

Post Views: 15,776 Many Names Schwab & Miller  go by many different names and addresses so to complicate tracing it back to them. Here is a list of few: Datamap, Diamond Triumph Properties LLC, Pinerock Lakewood LC, Richatz LLC, North Lake Realty LLC ,Land Barron LLC, DataMap Intelligence, DIAMOND TRIUMPH PROPERTIES LLC, PINEROCK CAPITAL LLC, […]

Schwab, Miller and Greeee$$$eeed

Post Views: 5,027 Why is the Lakewood Township Committee giving away very valuable commercially-zoned land to Charlie “Chatz” Schwab for bupkes ?? Is  America’s most prolific land-swapper  residing right here in our own little town?!?  This just proves the age-old adage that it’s “who you know” that counts…. Mr Schwab is the silent partner of Lakewood […]


Post Views: 4,991 A new Yeshiva for OTD bochrim is coming to the Etz Chaim Chestnut Shul for the upcoming zman. The Rabbi of this shul is Rabbi Sender Kasczirer, Rosh Yeshiva of Mesivta of Eatontown.  The new Yeshiva  will focus on keeping these boys within the parameters of Jewish culture and Jewish ambiance. Both the […]

Wall of Shame – Sheldon Silver

Post Views: 15,561 Crooked ex-Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver kept two mistresses during his years in power, while cheating on wife Rosa and covering his tracks with a secret second cell phone. Both were not Jewish and one of them happens to be married.             While serving as speaker, Silver repeatedly […]

Park East

Post Views: 1,692   Park East Synagogue was established in the 1800’s by Rabbi Bernard Drachman and Jonas Weil to promote Orthodox Judaism as an alternative to Reform Judaism popular on the Upper East Side.Rabbi Drachman passed away in 1945. Zev Zahavy was appointed rabbi of the synagogue on September 1, 1952. He was known […]