Letter from Gerrer Talmud Torah in Boro Park


Yidden ! Rachmonim Bnei Rachmonim ! Save us! Save our beautiful Gerer Kehilla from the hands of the serial Mashchisim. Save us from those that bring slander to our Rebbe and cause him Agmas Nefesh on a daily basis!

We thought that the breaking of Yeshiva Yagdil Torah and of Camp Ger would satisfy the Rishoim amongst us and now leave us alone, but we were mistaken.

This coming Monday morning the goons that pretend to speak and act in the name of the Rebbe Shlita, and are in the process of destroying Yeshiva Yagdil Torah will now raise their hatchet against our Bais Yaakov D’Chassidei Ger.

Bais Yaakov D’Chassidei Ger which was founded over 3 decades ago by the Lev Simcha Zt”l, is a sterling school that has produced thousands of exemplary Talmidos. These Talmidos eventually went on to marry fine Gerer Bochrim and built beautiful Chasidishe homes. But all that may be no more.

As of Monday September 3 the first day of school , a new strict segregation policy will be put in effect . A 2 track system will be enforced, based on the “New Takanos made by these Rishoim : Any girl whose mother has been driving for many years already or has gotten permission from our Rav for specific reasons, wears a shaitel that according to them is to long, or wears black stockings will be in one class . All others in a different class. In effect there will now be a ” moderneh” class and a ” elite” class.

The principals of the school are vehemently opposed to this terrible ridiculous Gezeirah and the parents are mortified. They are crying and asking :

* Who is the Bais Din that will decide Dinei Nefashos here and determine who is “moderen” as to dump that child into such a class and bear responsibility for the consequences of that decision ?

* How can you suddenly stigmatize a child as being” Moderen” when the mother, an extremely frum lady is driving for 30 years already and no Gerer Rebbes condemned it ?

* How can you create and label a class as “moderen” and then expect those children to be inspired to tznius and Chassdius ? Don’t you realize that Children are not stupid ? They will understand exactly why they are in that track and they will act accordingly. Is this system even halachacly permitted ?

* What purpose does this segregation serve anyway? If it is to prevent the so called ” modereneh” from influencing the so called “frumeh” then what happens when they mingle in the lunch room, the playground, the library or waiting for the bus ? Why don’t you rather make a separate brand new Bais Yaakov like you made a new Cheider and prevent any interaction ?

* Some very Frum women in America wear black stockings as a stong Frumkeit . Will you now put their daughters with the “moderneh” and allow them to be badly influenced because you see black stockings as modern?

*The track record for Bais Yaakov D’Chassidei Ger over the last 30 years has shown that it was the girls from the better homes that generally ended up influencing the girls from the simpler homes . The proof is in the fine homes that those girls (now married ) have built ! What right do you have to cut off contact and prevent solid girls from inspiring the ones that are so in need of a role model ?

* It is no secret that one of the reasons the Lev Simcha Zt”l established the Bais Yaakov D’Chassidei Ger is so that there would now be Heimishe Girls that would be raised in the Chinuch of Ger that would be interested in marrying a Gerer Bochor. The new insane policies in Bais Yaakov D’Chassidei Ger is causing tens and tens of parents to pull their girls out and place them in regular non Chassidish schools where their chances of marrying a Gerer is greatly diminished . Where is the concern for our Bochrim now?

* Why is it that in the ” holy” New Cheider mothers may drive and there are no separate classes for those kids ? Does the Rebbe Shlita have different Takanos for different schools ? Of course not! The crooks running the new Cheider, in their vicious lust to dry up Yeshiva Yagdil Torah are taking in any boy no matter if the mother drives or wears long sheitlach . They only want other Mosdos to adhere to their fabricated regulations.

* Our daughters have been in the same classes for years with the same close friends. They are worried sick that these friends will now be separated from them due to the class system . Who is taking responsibility for all the needless hurt?

* Implementing this segregation will destroy the cohesiveness of school, cause hard feelings and even fights between the 2 groups. It will be a terrible and inexplicable distraction throughout the school year and needless to say will negatively impact the once high learning standard of that school. Is it really worth it? Is this what our Rebbes had in mind when they built and guided the school for 35 years ?

The answer to all of the above is that our Kehilla has been hijacked by a few terrible individuals from Israel and from here, that for personal motives are seeking to destroy and then ultimately take over our Mosdos . The ultimate disgust here is that these people have no problem lying and attaching the Rebbe shlita’s name to this horrendous Gzeira . Who in their right mind would believe for one second that the Rebbe shlita would institute a discrimination policy that can ruin the Yiddishkeit of our children for generations to come ! Are they so blinded by greed and hate that the Rebbes kavod means nothing to them anymore ? Hashem Yirachem !

We call on all parents and grandparents of the school who care about the Chinuch and wellbeing of their children to immediately call and notify the school director and principals that segregation amongst Anshei Shlomeinu must NOT happen ! The Principals MUST resist this madness! We must clarify to them that should they capitulate to the Rishoim and implement this curse r”l, we will withdraw our daughters from the school at the first opportunity and until then we will CEASE all tuition payments and donations to this twisted institution. Let the terrorists pay for the mess they create.

The silent majority in Ger is hurting terribly. They can’t believe the ongoing destruction of their beautiful Mosdos .We must do all we can to save what is left !

May the Ribono Shel Olam protect us from all evil.

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2 thoughts on “Letter from Gerrer Talmud Torah in Boro Park


    (September 2, 2018 - 4:47 pm)

    lol. let them all go to Belz


      (September 2, 2018 - 7:26 pm)

      Shtisim the camp was divided because some Gere shvantes actually spoke with their vaibel in public and some buchuirim got the idea that Chas vesholom a man Ken reden mit Der vaib!
      Now the takana police is taking action.
      They don’t want another Esty Veinstein or Sara in the making

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