Rabbi Moshe Pruzansky – נבל ברשות התורה

Back in the day, Rabbi Moshe Pruzansky, the Rosh Yeshiva of Chemdas Hatora went on a rampage against Mr. Dachs. Mr. Dachs wanted to build duplexes adjacent to his yeshiva. In addition, Rabbi Mendlowitz planned on building an educational campus in the area. Rabbi pruzansky argued that this would strongly affect the shteigen of the bochrim of his yeshiva. Rabbi Pruzansky went to the township committeemen and the zoning board using every tool in his disposal to stop the approvals for Dachs and Mendlowitz.

Rabbi Moshe Pruzansky is now teaming up with Mr. Dachs and building a planned educational campus plus 300 units! As we all know, the 300 units are not going to be a dormitory for married students; it’s going to be rented out or sold out.

Moishaleh– Aiiyyyyy toireh?!? The shtaigen will be affected?!?!?

גנבים ברשות התורה


Now that the developers lost out on a lot of their expected profits with the master plan, they have come up with a new scam. They are partnering with Yeshivos to build even more housing than they would have gotten, using the “campus land law”. This allows the school to build apartments for its students and faculty use. The Yeshiva puts in the application and the developer gives them money or builds them a new bais medrash. And the developer rents out or sells the housing units. The yeshiva claims that its all for their facility (even though sometimes there are more apartments than students!) and the board believes them.

The law was created to benefit BMG. However small yeshivas started jumping in on the action. This was done by Treff Yeshiva, Hertz – Tashbar, Bais Yaakov and Strickmans. Since then, they tightened the guidelines to only allow accredited yeshivos to apply for this program. However, Moshe Zev Weisberg of Vaad fame (“lets blame the bad apples”) created an organization that is handing out accreditation to anyone that applies and pays his fees.

This is allowing every small yeshiva to benefit from the campus land law. There is an application next week in the planning board for such a scam. We need to get rid of this law or at least only allow schools with 2k students to apply. Otherwise it makes no sense that they need so many houses.

If not, we will see thousands of units on all the golf courses, Route 70 and Cross St.

גנבים ברשות התורה

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2 thoughts on “Rabbi Moshe Pruzansky – נבל ברשות התורה

    Joe Yeshivish

    (December 11, 2018 - 6:48 pm)

    Trivia question:
    What is the name of the person who Pruzansky stole his Bochurim from when he opened his yeshiva. In other words, who put pruzansky on the map in the first place?????


      (December 11, 2018 - 7:59 pm)

      Nu. Tell us the name ?????

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