‘Schady Schwab’ – caught with his pants down

So Charlie asks the township for: Block Lot Zoning Tax Map Page Owner Name Owner Address Property Location Building Description Land Description Width Length Land Assessment Building Assessment Total Assessment Acreage Zone Tax Amount Additional Qualifier Deed Book Deed Page Last Sale Date Last Sale Amount He needs it all so he can know of […]

Is Adam Pfeffer Esq. Forging Signatures?!?!?

Is Adam Pfeffer Esq. Forging Signatures?!?!? Adam Pfeffer appears to be using forged signatures to apply for a massive campus for Developer Dachs. One of the owners of the land, who lives in Illinois, allegedly signed an application allowing a yeshiva to build 300 units supposedly for married students when actually he plans on selling […]

Milller Mania (part 2)

From: Joyce Blay Sent: Friday, August 10, 2018 4:22 PM To: mmiller@mylakewoodchamber.com Subject: Request for Comment 8.10.18 Good afternoon, Mr. Deputy Mayor. Menashe, according to the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce website, you have served three terms as a member of the Lakewood Township Committee. Since you were first elected to the committee in 2003 and affirmed […]