Miller Mania

Let’s play connect the dots…………

Our saga starts back in 2003 with the purchase of the lot from Mr. John Brown, by Shaul Halpern. So here’s the deed and here is a copy of the tax map to show you what the lot look likes.

Fast forward in time as Menashe sees everyone else getting themselves big houses and we guess it really did go to his head.

Now is when it’s going to get a little tricky so pay attention.

Halpern goes and gets the lot subdivided into two lots. This occurred Feb-March 2014 Lakewood SD (sub-division 1918) the new lots are lots 14.03 and 14.04

So I’m looking at this map and something is really bothering me and it’s gnawing at me for days and then it hits me. Do you see it? Don’t peek at the next line for the answer.

The new lot 14.04 is LANDLOCKED! (Landlocked means that there is no access to the lot from the public road). How the **** did he do that? (don’t jump ahead for the answer, be patient)

Now it gets interesting. On July 30th, 2014 Halpern sells the property to Naftoli Eisen

But wait, the deed says: “block 774.04 lot 14.01”. Didn’t our Mr. Halpern subdivide lot 14.01 into two new lots 14.03 and 14.04 (which is landlocked?)

Well, unfortunately turns out there really isn’t anything nefarious about that. It just seems they waited to file the subdivision map until after the deal closed.


Now comes Mr. Eisen and he takes the landlocked lot 14.04 and he further subdivides it into TWO more lots; 14.05 and 14.06
And look! On the right side of the new lots it says: ”25′ wide access easement.” Now this is getting crazier by the minute. So I consulted with people who know a lot more about this than I do (real estate professionals) and they told me it doesn’t make sense but if the township allowed it something must have happened. This led us on the treasure hunt and this is what we discovered:

So it seems that in November of 2013, the township passed an ordinance to help whoever was going to do this subdivision. Without this ordinance, this subdivision could never have happened.
Ok. So just another corrupt day in Lakewood but why lay it at Menashe’s feet? Isaac was the Mayor. Maybe it was him or one of the other committeemen doing a favor for one of their friends? Well, then there is this:

A “notice of settlement” from October 15, 2013 stating that a closing for this same property was going to take place between Mr. Halpern and a Jacob Sussman. For those of you who chap (get it) no further explanation is needed. For those of you who don’t, Jacob Sussman is Menashe Miller’s aide.
What happened to Sussman closing on the property? How did Eisen become involved? Is this a smoking gun? I don’t know, you decide but I’m convinced it’s his house and his deal from the very beginning. I only have one question to our beloved Menashe:

Why did you feel the need to hide it?

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9 thoughts on “Miller Mania


    (December 7, 2018 - 12:23 pm)

    The 3 documents are from the Planning Board’s Resolutions. Not ordinance from Township Committee which appoints them.


    (December 7, 2018 - 5:26 am)

    You’re focus is on the puppets and pawns,let them be, Focus on the Omnipotent ones. Check out their office with the HUGE map of Lakewood,their FIEFDOM,and we are the SERFS

    Lakewood is past its Saturation Point as Infrastructure is IGNORED,Green space is rapidly shrinking, some town home sites don’t have one Blade of grass for the CHILDREN as they are being RUN over and Injured. on a regular basis!!! Our leaders are silent.We say Tehilim and then Bury them as our boards keep rubber stamping more BOXES and asphalt. We shoot ourselves in the foot as our town is being destroyed by the Omnipotent or should I say Impotent Leaders. The children suffer Greatly. Go to the lake on Shabbos and see the great Tragedy unfold as MORE and More beautiful children FALL from the Derech which is getting Narrower each day with more Chumruss and decrees which many are finding difficult to Abide by. The pressure unleashed by the all wise ones is unbearable as they go from Big to Bigger to Biggest and the Gaiiva follows thereafter. Jihad Judiasm where schoolowners Judge ,Sentence and DESTROY many a Soul,all ENABLED by the wise ones.
    Keep on building boxes,pack ’em in like cattle with no infrastructure or elbow room,, where children are now being RUN over on a regular basis. Our omnipotent leaders are Hell bent on going from Big to Bigger to BIGGEST. What wise words do our leaders have as Quality of Life is shrinking and Casualties are mounting. Gevalt , Wake UP Lakewood

    Interesting to note that the Tragedies of Child Abuse in Lakewood are still being COVERED up by the all-wise ones as we saw recently where Victims were further ABUSED by the omnipotent ones. This follows the Callousness and CLUELESSNESS of our all wise leaders towards the very HOLY OTD children by the Lake on Shabbos’ You simply made matters WORSE and showed a total lack of LOVE towards a fellow Jew. But go ahead and dig in your heals as your sick Gaiiva Blinds you all to the issues at hand

    There is a “fine” Yeshiva in town that had to let 2 Rebbes go cause they had a very sick attraction to young boys. The Das Torah told the Menahel to simply ask these 2 very sick individuals to Leave, Nothing else. Move to another town. Brilliant, don’t you think! No concern whatsoever for the Children. Fact not Fiction. Looks like some of our leaders brains are in the lower parts of their bodies as the Gaiiva continues. Focus on this and not on some gas that was stolen

    Maybe are all wise leaders should drive thru town like the rest of us and see the Madness ensuing from this Big,Bigger,Biggest mentality. A simple 3-4 mile drive thru town can take over a half hour and pray you arrive alive and in one piece. Would our wise leaders care to comment????

    Yes our Omnipotent or should I say IMPOTENT leaders think (with a Huge dose of Gaiiva, ask R’ Steinman) they have all the answers on the REAL issues at hand. NOT!

    Wake up O’ wise ones. Try to see past your 4 Amos and your very DENSE GAIIVA as more and more children are falling off the VERY Narrow Derech you make more difficult for ALL to travel.” Stop brushing them under the rug, it’s FULL!!!

    Wake up O’ wise ones. Try to see past your 4 Amos and your very DENSE GAIIVA as more and more children are falling off the VERY Narrow Derech you make more difficult for ALL to travel.” Stop brushing them under the rug, it’s FULL!!! This concludes this evenings Mussar shmuz. I hope our leaders will take it to heart and not get lost intheir Grey matter


    (December 7, 2018 - 5:23 am)

    The real corruption in many of these type of stories, are politicians’ involvement, and/or profiting via their vote on the bench, in private developments/businesses. While they are smarter than that to be “formal” partners in such developments and the like, often they are “silent” partners, are indirect profit sharers…

    Additionally, it is no secret that certain individuals, who may control zoning boards, are rumored to be silently invested with the major investors/developers. Again, they are too smart to leave a paper trail of course….

    It is very difficult to connect the dots in such allegations. Way beyond the abilities of an anonymous person running a sewer website. Only a governmental body can do that.

    But not if you own the higher-up politicians….


    (December 7, 2018 - 5:23 am)

    Let’s just stop all the fighting. We have a simple solution. It is called the Faulkner act. We can get it done easily. If you show me that you have an interest in getting it passed, I have all the paperwork ready to go. I can no longer devote all my time to trying to save this town. All the problems we are experiencing, I discussed five years ago. Unfortunately, they are all coming true. The crash of our busing system, traffic, Runaway tax hikes, lack of services, crime, and rampant corruption are all ingrained now in Lakewood. So what to do? Something positive. Stop the accusations and let’s get going. Most of you on here know where to find me. I have the paperwork. I have the clipboards with pens attached(very high tech) we need around 5000 signatures to get a referendum to pass the Faulkner act and get all these guys out of office. And if we end up back where we started? So be it. At least we tried.


      (December 28, 2018 - 4:04 pm)

      Nice work. Hope you get the signatures you need. If you share it on Rise up Ocean County or Lakewood Q &A , I will repost. Maybe that will help with some signatures.


    (December 7, 2018 - 5:22 am)

    You mean that Menashe Miller has a no-show job at CHEMED? Mr. Eisen is a property investor.. His job is to make money. He is not an elected official.. He benefited from Miller’s well known corrupt ways. The big loser here? The people of Lakewood. Ihr Hatoira. Chillul Hashem and stealing from the helpless homeowners. And nobody cares. As long as they are left alone.

    To sum up-
    If a committeeman passes an ordinance for his direct benefit it is an abuse of the public trust punishable by up to 7 years in Jail. It also shows a complete disregard for the oilam and is probably indicative of other corrupt behavior. In reality the Rosh Yeshiva should demand that he step down as it would be a huge chillul Hashem if he gets arrested. Is this the type of person Lakewood wants as its public face?


    (December 7, 2018 - 5:21 am)

    Eisen worked at TFT
    Keep looking into (Naftoli Eisen)
    You will find out a lot more
    BTW there are 2 Naftali Eisens in town one who used to work in Chemed and one a chasidishe dude doing deals in town


    (December 7, 2018 - 5:20 am)

    A few issues with this. 1) the ordinance you see posted here, why was it made? this seems to be a crazy ordinance to benefit a specific few, and if it was done for this property, then I would like to know who voted on it. 2) if he is corrupt for his own personal gain that does not hurt the tax payers (in your opinion) , how many other corrupt deals did he do that did hurt us tax payers. 3) If it is as you say, why the need for a disclosure form?

    This whole store stinks and does not look good for Menashe Miller, I for one would not trust him with a dead cat. He is a conniving scum bag hiding behind the torah and yiddishkeit.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All in

    (December 7, 2018 - 5:19 am)

    I can say one thing that is very true in this article Naftoli Eisen is one of the biggest crooks in town, he will do what ever it takes to make a dollar, just ask around town, and you will see that who ever dealt with him somehow was cheated or taken in some type away
    Interesting enough- Naftoli Eisen works at CHEMED

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