Dudi Zions & Company

Dudi enjoys working in the dark. His name is not mentioned anywhere because Dudi is very different then his other partners. He knows that name and fame can only bring attention to his activities which can only bring no good. His partners are Saul Mizrachi and Meir Lichtenstein. Meir brings the land  and approvals from […]

Larry Loigman Esq. Sues LKWD Mayor & Lichtenstein

We have reported on the shenanigans LKWD Mayor Coles and Committeeman Lichtenstein have been doing to cover their tracks by asking the Township Manager to erase township records. As a result the Township Manager resigned and was paid a hefty sum to keep quiet. Now, Mr. Larry Loigman Esq. is suing the township and the […]

אמריקיים מטומטמים – Dumb Americans

Since the break ups in the Israeli Chareidi world (Degel, Peleg, Shteinmanistim, Shasnikim, Etznikim, Mechablim, Soni’im… ) the Israeli public has learnt  that the עסקנים + אייניקלך run the show and decide for the גדולים  what the דעת תורה. It’s no secret; it’s in the daily frum news.  When the עסקנים + אייניקלך say to jump; all […]

Welcome צאנז!

חרדים 10 reports  צאנז is coming to Lakewood. http://m.ch10.co.il/news/462429/#.W76GlekpB-E

התינוק Ahron Checkanow הי’ד

We all remember the tragic  passing of a Lakewood  baby by the name of Ahron Checkanow. The death occurred on February 25th 2018. Very tragic, very sad.   But what you don’t know is…. That Baby Ahron had a nurse that was provided by  Good Night Moon Nursing Agency who was negligent on the job – to […]

Is Lutzk A Beis Medrash or A Temple ??

20 years ago Rabbi Zalmen Sorotzkin opened a shul in the basement of his home. It serviced the 12th street andMonmouth area. Shabbos morning prayers started at 9:45, majority of the crowd walked in after shachris. A full lavish- 3 course Kiddush was served every week while Rabbi Sorotzkin gave a small dvar torah. The […]