Lakewood Mafia Exposed

It took a bogus lawsuit by Charles ‘Chatz’ Schwab to finally expose the Lakewood mafia in action. Charles Schwab decided to launder the dirty laundry in public and now the dirt is coming out…… KUDOS to Shady Schwab! This bad bunch have been using mafia tactics to suppress the opposition, so they may continue to […]

Lichy, Miller & Schwab Vs. Klein, Sharaby, Hershkowitz, Schubert & Schmidt

A synopsis of the Schwab Vs. Lakewood Residents Lawsuit: Until a few years ago a few cronies enjoyed the pleasure of pillaging the tax payer undisturbed. Life was good for the cronies. Things started changing with when First Amendment Activist started videoing the township meetings, the Take Back Lakewood movement, people started speaking up, OPRA […]

Old Man Shenky & his Shenanigans: Part 1

Elections in a democracy should be transparent and fair. Every county has an election board that supervises the election so to insure it is run fair and square. The current Ocean County board members are: George R. Gilmore , Chairman Wyatt Earp , Secretary Commissioner Rabbi Israel Schenkolewski , Commissioner Matthew R. Sage, Commissioner The […]